25th Nov2019

Why Every Video Game Needs More Game Modes

by James Smith

Riot Games surprised many people this year when it announced that it would be removing the Twisted Treeline game mode from League of Legends. The most popular game mode in League of Legends is the 5-versus-5-player mode but Twisted Treeline gave players another way to take down turrets and others as it had a different map and was three versus three. Many players were disappointed to see it go.

The decision to remove Twisted Treeline was surprising and the response from fans shows why games need more multiple game modes. League of Legends is hugely successful, but some may wonder how much more fun the game could be if Twisted Treeline was kept in it.

Why Games Need More Modes

Multiplayer games like League of Legends could help players stop tilting if they had more game modes. In video games, players sometimes tilt when they lose many games or start playing really badly. They may get angry because of this and this only makes them keep playing badly. Taking some time away from the game mode by playing another game or game mode can help them stop tilting.

Game modes can also help players try out other characters and ideas in a competitive setting. When bots just don’t offer enough competition, getting to try things out in another mode can make them a stronger player in the main game mode. 

Which Games Offer Multiple Modes Successfully

League of Legends may not offer so many game modes all of the time, there are many popular online games that do offer multiple modes successfully. For hundreds of years, gambling games such as roulette have been able to offer different modes and versions of the same game. When you play Roulette online, you can choose from European roulette, live roulette which has real human dealers, Frankie Dettori’s Jackpot Roulette, and more. Roulette fans get to play the game they enjoy but in different ways.

Fortnite, one of the most popular multiplayer games, also offers multiple game modes. There is the main multiplayer game mode that has helped make billions of dollars and the Save The World game mode which has a storyline and has PvE combat, not PvP. 

Why it Probably Won’t Happen

When Riot Games made the Twisted Treeline announcement, it explained that it was because of “long queue times, poor matchmaking, and ultimately an unsatisfying PvP experience for many of the players who do queue up for Treeline.” This reveals why many multiplayer games, such as those which have a very popular mode that millions of people play, probably won’t add more modes. 

Developers also have to create new updates for these other modes, and they may not get the resources spent back if few players play or spend money on them. Having other game modes may also take some players away from the main mode where they may spend more money.

For players, having multiple game modes is a good idea. However, many developers just don’t agree which makes games with one big mode more likely.

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