19th Nov2019

‘Desert Wolf’ VOD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Beau Yotty, Hayley Vrana, Jessica Y. Martin, Dan Weisgerber, Sky C. Donovan, Adam Voyles, John Carr, Kayla Andrews, Christine Manola | Written and Directed by Beau Yotty


Desert Wolf is billed as a throwback to the fun, scary horror creature features of the 1980’s, in the vein of werewolf classics The Wolf Man (1941) and Wolf (1994); and follows a series of vicious attacks that occur in a small Arizona town. With the residents terrified for their lives, as the death toll rises with each full moon, the towns sheriff must hunt down the beast responsible for the carnage.

The film is the latest from one-man production outfit Beau Yotty, who here produces, stars, writes AND directs. Oh, and when I say stars, he takes the lead role of the sheriff hunting down the mysterious titular Desert Wolf.

Well, I say werewolf, but for the most part the killer creature is nothing much more than a hand in the dark. A hand covered by what looks like a cheap Halloween costume piece – complete with an oversized rubber fingers with matching rubber fingernails and a distinct lack of the rest of the beast! The monster attacks consist of little more than a brief flash of said hand, some bloody scratches on the victim and then a cut to black. Cheap and cheerful is definitely the buzzword when it comes to Desert Wolf.

What’s odd about Desert Wolf though is not that it was made for a meagre amount of money, with amateur actors and townsfolk in Arizona, with a cheap monster and a lead that made the film as a star vehicle for himself. No, the odd thing is that there’s not a single review online that has anything bad to say about the film – because there SHOULD be plenty of reviews decrying the films amateur-hour production!

And whilst I always commend people for managing to raise funds, get production and crew together, and then actually make a film; you do have to wonder if anyone ever pulls up auteurs like Yotty and tells them it might not be that great of idea? Not because there’s a lack of story or plotting but because there’s a distinct lack of funds to bring the film to fruition in a watchable manner.

Because that’s the issue here… Desert Wolf veers into the unwatchable on more than one occasion, undermining any good that Beau Yotty brings to the table. Yes, I did say good. For there are some good ideas at work here and with a LOT more money this could’ve become a great low-budget genre film. But as it stands Desert Wolf is probably not going win over any werewolf-loving horror fans anytime soon.

Desert Wolf is available to watch now on Amazon Prime.


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