12th Nov2019

The Last Week in Wrestling #42 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have another week on wrestling madness from the creators of Ally McBeal. The dancing baby is the master! Let’s see who will kick the most ass…at work today! Let’s put those photos of our families away and forget about the out-side world! Be productive…or die! Comrade! Comrade! Comrade!


Best Moment:

NXT Invades SmackDown (World Wrestling Entertainment) – This was pretty good, with NXT being brought in to fill the void that the roster being left in Saudi Arabia left. That sentence pretty much brought my IQ down to a 0. Maybe it was the repeating of the same word a thousand times? The Adam Cole/Daniel Bryan dream match happening as a result of this just made the whole thing better.

Best Promo:

Adam Page By Way Of James Storm (Or Is It The Other Way Around?) (All Elite Wrestling) – Page cut a good old-fashioned wrestling promo that came right after a fine match. This was the real deal, with no filler or any lame script talk.

Best Speaker:

Jon Moxley (All Elite Wrestling) – Adam Page had the best promo, but the best speaker of the week was Jon Moxley, who came across like a true son-of-a-b—h.

Best Character:

Finn Balor (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Balor cut a strong promo where he got to do more for his character than he ever did on the main roster. Balor acted like he wanted to punch-out God. Hell, Balor might be able to pull that off if his attitude is any indication.

Best Wrestler:

Dan Maff (Ring Of Honor) – Maff made his grand return to ROH and had two tremendous showings in two fine matches. Maff was, in some cases, better than the actual match he was wrestling in. Good for him.

Best Performance:

Mansoor (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Mansoor worked a fabulous match with Cesaro (who gave a great performance) and went from unknown to someone in one match. You can’t beat that.

Best Move:

Torture Rack (Impact Wrestling) – This week’s winner is a perfect example of the biggest not always being the best. Josh Alexander used this move to perfection on Marufuji (great guy to be wrestling anyway). Sometimes, it’s the simple stuff that’s the best.

Best Match:

Tom Lawlor versus Timothy Thatcher (Major League Wrestling) – This match beat a lot of great matches to the punch on this one, so don’t take this week’s winner lightly. This had all sorts of tremendous wrestling here that will make any-one who loves the sport (I know, it’s still fake) cream their shorts.

Best Card:

Superfight (Major League Wrestling) – Yeah, there’s no contest from any other card this week to beat this one. Trust me.

Best Show:

Superfight (Major League Wrestling) – I gave it a 4.5. Nothing else came that close. Mackenzie Davis is hot. Izzy gets The F— Across Town and this was a great show to get the f— across town to see.

Best League:

Superfight (Major League Wrestling) – It’s about damn time. What a great week for a league that might just be able to make it for the long haul this time.

Final Verdict: 4.5/5

Screw it. It was a strong week, with some mistakes, but the whole thing felt great. Wrestling still has a lot of problems, but we are starting to see some real solutions, so that’s a reason to get excited.


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