07th Nov2019

7 Ways to Fund Your Comic Addiction

by James Smith

With Marvel ruling the box office at the cinema, it’s hardly a surprise that comic books have undergone a resurgence over the past decade. A new generation of fans have become interested in reading comic books but knowing where to begin can be the tricky part. Here are 7 ways to fund your comic addiction.



One of the best places to start is your local library. Depending on its size it should have a good collection of graphic novels, comic book and manga material. It’s also a good way to begin without having to commit any money, so you get an idea of what you do and don’t like.

Increase Your Budget

If money is tight there are one or two other ways you can increase your budget. It may be worth considering a loan for bad credit, which are great if you do not have a good credit score. You’ll receive the funds a lot faster compared to a bank loan and you can also stagger the payments. Just make sure you can afford to repay without defaulting and that the lender is FCA registered.

Free Comic Book Day

Once a year comic book fanatics have a chance to scoop up free material. Free Comic Book Day is backed by publishers who give away some of their material for fans to enjoy. The type of comics available will vary depending on the location and size of the shop but it’s definitely a day in the year worth marking in your calendar.


This is probably the most popular way to read comic books today. Physical sales dropped as the internet became more popular, so all the major players like Marvel and DC started to go digital. There’s an almost never ending library available across every type of comic book style you can imagine, with plenty of sites that offer free content like ComiXology.

Buy Second-Hand

The second hand comic market has been thriving for decades and using sites like eBay is a good way to pick up one off editions, series or even a full collection. Real savvy buyers might be able to pick up some bargains, although there are seasoned professionals who use the site to sell for big prices. Amazon also have a good selection and you might even want to try your hand at Oxfam.

Flea Markets

Although some sellers have become wise to the game in recent years, flea markets are still a great place to find some bargain buys. Perhaps best of all, you have the chance to haggle and bring down the price unlike anywhere else. They usually pop up on weekends and there will no doubt be one nearby to you that will be easy to find.

Comic Conventions

Although quite an obvious place to find comic books, a good trick to use is to wait until the end of the convention to steal some discounts. Dealers ideally want to go home with a lighter load than they arrived with, so there may be the opportunity to grab some good discounts on the last day.

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