05th Nov2019

‘X-Wing 2.0 – Wave 4: First Order Tie/sf Fighter & Tie/vn Silencer’ Review

by Matthew Smail


With the release of X-Wing 2.0 Wave 4 come two new ships for the First Order, including the Tie/sf Fighter and the imposing Tie/vn Silencer. The first of these is an alternative take on the traditional Tie Fighter, adapted and updated for the First Order’s special forces and featuring a turret that can fire both forwards and backwards, as well as a number of possible upgrades. The Tie Silencer, on the other hand, is an incredibly fast ship that poses a deadly threat, especially when piloted by the likes of Kylo Ren.

Despite the impressive look of the Silencer, the Tie/sf has statistics that will make a Resistance pilots eye’s water. Quickdraw is an outright incredible pilot, with an initiative of six and the ability to return fire immediately after losing a shield – whether that shield is lost due to incoming fire or through an attachment like Electronic Baffle. A Special Forces Gunner allows Quickdraw to roll three dice when attacking, which when added to the Tie/sf’s base stats of three hull and three shields makes for an impressive loadout. A second quality pilot, Backdraft has initiative four and can roll three dice when firing the turret to his rear, making a pair of Tie/sf’s with these two pilots a commanding foe.

The Tie/vn Silencer is a faster, sleeker ship designed for intercept missions, and its speed certainly shows on the table as it closes range with ease. Kylo Ren offers the most dangerous build overall, but it’s also expensive. When combined with an ability like Hate to restore his force tokens, Ren’s I’ll Show You The Dark Side ability (which forces the opposing ship to search for a pilot damage card) can be very dangerous. Ren is a 5 initiative pilot, and the Silencer has four hull, two shields and three attack dice by default.

These two ships offer a range of different options for a First Order player, and thematically they work well when used together. The relatively expensive (compared to basic Tie Fighters) sf is worth it for the combination of Quickdraw and Backdraft, and can be combined with a couple of generic pilots, or a well tricked out Silencer. Overall, the Silencer is the more impressive miniature, but I suspect the sf will see more tournament play, as long as it’s cost remains low. The addition of a turret onto a nimble Tie, as well as the ability to roll three dice consistently feels very powerful to me.

The First Order Tie/sf Fighter & Tie/vn Silencer Expansion Packs for X-Wing 2.0 are out now. Check out the rest of our X-Wing 2.0 reviews right here.


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