04th Nov2019

The Last Week in Wrestling #41 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and Aberdeen, Washington has a sign in town of Kurt Cobain, which says, “Gimme A Big, Wet Kiss!” On this episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Kolchak gets arrested for stalking a teenager at night. We’ve got a lot of Ring Of Honor to get to and some other wrestling leagues are in here as well, but not David Bowie.


Best Moment:

Bosom Buddies From Hell (Ring Of Honor) – While I don’t like the idea of what, essentially, amounts to a random and futile heel turn, Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham turning heel on The Briscoes was a very exciting visual that leads to a great match for Final Battle.

Best Promo:

Bryan And The Big Offer (World Wrestling Entertainment) – On SmackDown, Sami Zayn made a proposal to Daniel Bryan about accepting Zayn as his manager (effectively aborting a return of the Yes Movement). This was well-performed and was booked to address Bryan’s heel turn and the significance of his behavior since he returned from retirement.

Best Speaker:

Sami Zayn (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Zayn was all over SmackDown and that show was all the better for it. I wonder what El Generico thinks of that? Wait, they’re the same guy. Ha! I ruined the kayfabe. Suck it nerds.

Best Character:

Jon Moxley (All Elite Wrestling) – Moxley beat the piss out of Pac and b—–d when the time limit ran out, not that he lost, but that the match ended with a time-limit draw. Moxley whooped the referee and…Moxley is so much cooler in AEW. I could promote the hell out of him just based on his declaration of “time-limit my ass”. It’s about time some-one presents a wrestling character that just wants to fight.

Best Wrestler:

Jonathan Gresham (Ring Of Honor) – Gresham had a couple of great performances on the Ring Of Honor UK Tour that really stuck the landing, so to speak. He may not be the most charismatic fighter in the sport, but Gresham is one of the best pure wrestlers around and he keeps proving that with every match.

Best Performance:

Private Party (All Elite Wrestling) – These guys are still working on their wrestling technique, but they can work –up a crowd with their moves, which they did with The Lucha Bros.

Best Move:

Bro Derek (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Matt Riddle gave Cameron Grimes a shot of Bo Derek’s perfect 10 cleavage, then used this finisher of his to win the match between the two. Dudley Moore would approve.

Best Match:

Jonathan Gresham versus Jay Briscoe (Ring Of Honor) – This was a hell of a match that made both guys look like top-notch athletes.

Best Card:

NXT (World Wrestling Entertainment) – This was the hardest time I’ve had making this decision for this category yet. There were so many to choose from, but this card was the best on paper and in practice, which is really saying some-thing this week.

Best Show:

Ring Of Honor: Honor United 2019 – London (Ring Of Honor) – This was a hell of a show. This was, like the previous category, the hardest week so far for this category. That’s a great problem to have.

Best League:

Ring Of Honor – ROH is having a really hard year, including bad management from the likes of Greg Gilliland/Gilleland/who cares, but when this is still a league that can put on a good show and they managed to put on two great ones and another that was decent with some fine matches on it.

Final Verdict: 4.4/5

With some problems here and there, this was still a great week. Wrestling’s many ailments are not cured yet, but the recovery is going better than many of us ever expected for the short amount of time it’s happened in.


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