01st Nov2019

WWE Network Original Reviews: Table For Three 5×09 – Appetite for APA

by Chris Cummings

Table For Three is back again, with a new episode on the WWE Network. I like this show but like I’ve said before, it’s not really long enough. This time we sit down with JBL, Ron Simmons and Teddy Long, three guys who have a long friendship in wrestling.


We all know about the Simmons and JBL history, with the two becoming The Acolytes and APA back in the late 90s and 00s in WWE. A beer-drinking, brawling, ass-kicking tandem who were all about pounding-ass (remember that t-shirt?). Teddy Long would travel with the two of them between towns and a friendship blossomed between the three. You can see that here, with the three men all obviously comfortable around each other, joking about how cheap Long was during their time as touring WWE Superstars. We hear a lot about this, with Ron Simmons and John Layfield poking fun at the former SmackDown GM.

We hear about Simmons’ time as a singles wrestler, a little, and mention is made of his hugely important and influential Championship reign where he became the first-ever African American World Champion. JBL and Simmons are obviously very close, and hearing the two men speak kindly about each other in a sincere way is nice, but if you’ve seen the Hall of Fame when JBL inducted Simmons, or heard any interviews with the two in the past, then this will be nothing new. That can tend to be an issue with Table For Three overall, in that most of the stories we hear are quite short, and often have been heard before in other places.

It’s a fun episode, and these three guys could easily have sat down and talked for much longer, and I kinda wish that would happen. I think upping the run-time of Table For Three to an hour or ninety minutes would be a help, allowing the guests a chance to actually delve into their careers and tell stories from the road that we haven’t heard before. For what it is, though, and like I’ve said in the past, it’s a fun and fast original show from WWE that is often worth half an hour of your time. This one was enjoyable enough too.

Table For Three is available to watch now on WWE Network.


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