01st Nov2019

NBC Will Make a Sitcom about Esports

by James Smith


Believe it or not, NBC is bringing a fresh outlook on esports. The TV network will come up with a whole show about competitive video gaming that many have come to known simply as esports. Will the TV show go wild? Nobody can tell, but more esports on TV means that things have gone mainstream. The company is already pulling big stars with Johnny Galecki, better known as Leonard from Big Bang Theory, and Anthony Del Brocco, a producer.

If we remember one thing from Big Bang Theory, that is that 90% of the gaming references were completely stilted to accommodate the writers’ sense for humour. When it comes to esports, however, things must be different, with millions of people from all across the world keeping a close eye on the activity and finding it a preferred pastime.
NBC has been very private about the details of the show – nobody really knows the plot nor who else will be involved. Seeing a reunion between Big Bang Theory actors, though, would be completely awesome. Not because of the fans of the show, but rather because they did have the seeming nerdiness.

Yet, some fans might find them a little too old for the part, but then again – without any details about the show itself it’s hard to tell.

Esports Are Booming – Online and on TV

One thing is certain. Esports are insanely popular. Big tournaments are happening all throughout the world and all throughout the year. While main sport knows some off-season time, esports are constantly moving and people constantly playing. League of Legends and Dota 2 have been two of the largest competitive disciplines to date.

Not only that, but they have generated a surprisingly big interest in betting. Understandably, just like with regular sports, the choice of a sportsbook is always crucial and that’s why we recommend to join http://gg.bet/en/betting and try the platform for yourself.

There you will find all mainstream competitions and hundreds of markets, plus a neat community that is constantly in touch. In a word, esports betting is a growing part of the experience, and while its clout may not yet be gauged properly, people know one thing – it’s going to be huge. Meanwhile, other developments are afoot – such as sponsorships.

Media Rights, Sponsorships and More in Esports

As things stand, esports have a lot of potential and that’s easy to see. To begin with, media companies and big sponsors -including car makers, breweries and other mainstream companies – are willing to invest more and more into the segment.

But that’s not everything. First, esports have gone painfully mainstream. The English Premier League (EPL), one of the largest soccer competitions, and the NBA, now both run a parallel esports event that features the same team – but for video games!

That’s not all, though, as basketball players and soccer players are also buying up or creating esports teams which just goes to show the immense popularity of the segment as it stands today.

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