31st Oct2019

WWE Network Original: ‘The Bump S01E05’ Review

by Chris Cummings


Back again for another review of The Bump, the new show from WWE where a group of people sit in a studio and talk about the current product whilst also having some WWE Superstars in for interviews, fun and games. This week we saw the Halloween episode with Kayla Braxton, the main host, and her band of merry men, such as Matt Camp, dressed up as WWE workers of the past and present, such as HBK, Sami Zayn, Macho Man and John Cena. We also had an in-studio guest, The Boogeyman, who you may remember from the mid or late 00s where he had a WWE run.

The show featured some silliness and Halloween games, but was more notable for a fun streaming interview with “Team Kick”, Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox, who talked about their careers and their upcoming match in NXT with the WWE Women’s Tag Champions, Kairi Sane and Asuka. The interview took a fun turn when Kane joined and talked to Tegan, who is a huge fan of his. It was cool to see her freak out as her idol spoke to her. We also got Matt Hardy, broken once again, and John Cena, with messages over the big screen.

The Bump is an easy to watch program that really plays on the Afterbuzz style, with the crew joking and bantering with one another for an hour about wrestling. I like the way it’s produced, with my only gripe being the guys often shouting over each other, making some of the situations hard to hear. There are a lot of people in the small studio, so when everyone talks at once, which happens regularly, it becomes a bit messy. Aside from that, I like The Bump and think it has a lot of potential to keep growing into a fun show that helps promote upcoming WWE content whilst also giving some entertaining moments involving WWE talent. This week was another enjoyable episode, with a cool Halloween twist.

The Bump is available to watch now on WWE Network and WWE’s YouTube Channel.


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