28th Oct2019

WWE Network Original: ‘The Bump S01E04’ Review

by Chris Cummings


WWE’s The Bump hits its fourth episode this week, and I, for one, am happy about that. So far the plug hasn’t been pulled on this unique and breath-of-fresh-air concept show from WWE. This week, like each week so far, we witness the “Bump Crew” talk about the week in WWE while also welcoming a live guest or two and some guests that appear on the big screen in a streaming Skype-style interview segment.

The crew seem to be finding their feet more now, and not talking over one-another like they did in the first couple of episodes, which makes a big difference to the flow of the program. It still has that feel of being a group of buddies hanging out and chit-chatting about wrestling while still offering a unique look at WWE. I like the addition each week of an on-site interview, and this time we see R-Truth appear in the studio, talking about his career with Kayla Braxton and the gang. We hear from Truth about his career and it’s announced we’ll soon see a WWE 24 Special on Truth. The tear-down of the “gimmick” for a few moments in order to see the man behind the wackiness of the R-Truth character is interesting and gives us a unique look “behind the curtain”, which is cool. It must be said, for a veteran who has been in WWE and pro-wrestling for as long as Truth has, there’s been very little in terms of the real-life R-Truth in that time, so this was interesting, and I look forward to the episode of WWE 24.

We get an on-screen interview with R-Truth cohort Carmella who talks with Truth and the other studio guys about her team with Truth, her career and such, and that’s fun too. I like the interactions between the call-in interviewee and the live guest, it can make for some fun or interesting interactions, as we saw with Seth Rollins and Adam Cole a few weeks back. A lot of emphasis was placed on the WWE 24/7 Title stuff and the craziness of the gimmick over the past year or so. Carmella also discusses her time on the new season of Total Divas so far. We also get Drake Maverick in the studio, more for comedic purposes. He has a silly in-character interaction with R-Truth about their feud over the 711-European-I/95-24/7 Championship. It’s daft, but hey… it’s the kind of stuff they did back int he day on Tuesday Night Titans, so I’m game for it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m a fan of this show. It’s a good way of getting another look at WWE talent while also discussing current WWE events in a breezier way than usual WWE shows do, and I like that. Long may The Bump continue.

WWE: The Bump is available to watch now on WWE Network and WWE’s YouTube Channel.


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