30th Sep2019

WWE Network Original Reviews: WWE Untold – That’s Gotta Be Kane!

by Chris Cummings


WWE Untold is a WWE Network original series that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying since it began. Discussing topics such as “The Failed Relaunch of WCW”, “The Second Coming of ECW”, “How Eddie Guerrero Became a SmackDown Legend” and more, it delves into these subjects in a fun snapshot manner and talks, using clips, backstage footage and talking-head interviews, about them.

The new episode is entitled That’s Gotta Be Kane!. Fans will know this famous line of commentary that was uttered by Vince McMahon when he was the lead play-by-play for WWE back in 1997, and that’s what this is all about. The episode talks about the debut of one of the most successful, popular and fascinating gimmicks in pro-wrestling history, Kane, and the things that surrounded it. It looks at the feud that was happening at that time between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels and the Hell in a Cell match they had at In Your House: Badd Blood in 1997. It’s some insightful and entertaining stuff, I tell you.

We get talking head interviews from the man behind Kane himself, Glenn Jacobs, who is out of character entirely and shows a warm and kind-hearted side that many have known he had through the decades. Hearing Jacobs talk openly about finally getting his “big break” by landing the Kane character in 1997, after the failed runs as “Isaac Yankem DDS” and “Fake Diesel” is very interesting, and it really shows how successful Kane was. Debuting in 1997 during the infamous (and first ever) Hell in a Cell match, Kane still appears today on WWE TV from time to time, when he isn’t doing his mayoral duties in Knoxville, Tennessee. 22 years and Kane is still bringing the flames out of the ringposts from time-to-time. A former multiple-time title-holder in WWE, he’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer if there ever was one. We also get interview segments with Shawn Michaels who talks about his attitude at the time, his feud with The Undertaker, and Kane’s debut.

I loved this episode, and I’d say it’s my favourite episode of WWE Untold so far. We even get a chance to hear from Mark “The Undertaker” Callaway in audio snippets where, out-of-character, he talks about his feud with Shawn, how abrasive Shawn was in 1997, and his relationship with Glenn Jacobs. It’s great to hear these three legends talk about a hugely important night, not just in their single careers but in the world of sport-entertainment too.

Kane’s debut, which saw the “Big Red Machine” walk down the isle, his father and manager Paul Bearer in tow, rip the door off the Hell in a Cell structure, enter the ring and stare down his brother, The Undertaker before nailing him with a tombstone, is one of, if not THE, best debuts of all time. Reliving it here, with opinions and firsthand stories from Jacobs, Michaels, Callaway and Bruce Prichard, is a delight, and something I really enjoyed. If you check out any WWE Original show this month, make it be this one. It’s bloody good.

WWE Untold is available to stream on WWE Network, now.


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