30th Sep2019

WWE Network Original Reviews: Adrian Street – Imagine What I Could Do To You

by Chris Cummings


Adrian Street is a British Wrestling legend, and following the fairly recent NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff, we saw a documentary pop up on the WWE Network about the man himself titled “Imagine What I Could Do To You”. This isn’t the longest of documentary specials yet it still covers enough to highlight Street and tell his story, albeit briefly, to those who may be unfamiliar with it.

Adrian Street began wrestling in 1957 at just seventeen years of age and that career would last until he retired from performing in the ring in 2014. Aged 78 now, Street works backstage at WWE UK as well as in the performance centre. This is something that is huge for WWE in the UK, having one of the most colourful, entertaining, charismatic and groundbreaking characters in UK wrestling history working with the young UK talent in the modern era is one of those priceless but very cool things to happen in wrestling.

Born in Wales, Adrian Street’s father was in the coal mining business, and the intention was there for his son to continue in his sooty black footsteps, but things didn’t go that way. There’s a famous photograph showing Adrian in his full gimmick standing at the side of a mine-shaft, his father and a group of miners looking on, which was not only controversial but very influential too. Without Street, pro-wrestling likely wouldn’t have seen many characters, from Goldust to “Adorable” Adrian Adonis all the way down to Velveteen Dream today. He was ahead of his time, both as an in-ring worker and a character, and this documentary shows you just how ahead of his time he was.


It’s very interesting hearing from Adrian Street himself as he discusses his beginnings in wrestling, him finally finding fame as a pro-wrestler, and how he became a success in a business that he claims he was told he’d never make it in. Before Chris Jericho mixed wrestling and rock music as the lead singer of Fozzy, Street was laying in headlocks in the ring while playing in his band, The Pile Drivers. The infamous image of him in the mine was used as album cover art for major bands, he appeared in movies, had songs written about him and documentary films made about his career and life. Adrian Street is a pro-wrestling anomaly, the kind of performer that makes you stop what you’re doing and take notice, even today. This is a very entertaining and insightful documentary film from WWE and I was happy to see it on the WWE Network. I’d like to see more of these, talking about folks from the UK wrestling scene of the past, because it highlights a side to the business that is rarely spoken of, and almost completely ignored by many. Check it out.

Adrian Street – Imagine What I Could Do To You is available to stream now on WWE Network.


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