26th Sep2019

WWE Network Original Reviews: WWE Chronicle – Sasha Banks

by Chris Cummings


Sasha Banks, for those of you who may not follow current WWE, is one of the best in-ring female talents in the world today. She’s an accomplished in-ring worker and has held numerous titles within WWE and even headlined Pay Per View events (specifically a terrific Hell in a Cell main event against Charlotte Flair). This episode of WWE Chronicle looks to understand Sasha’s reasons for leaving WWE for a few months back in April, her loss of passion for the business and her growing frustrations surrounding her career.

Chronicle is one of my personal favourite original shows on the WWE Network. Running for around an hour, it follows a specific WWE Superstar during a frame of time that is perhaps important to their lives of career. Sasha Banks, after losing the WWE Women’s Tag Titles at WrestleMania alongside real-life best friend and tag team partner Bayley, walked out of WWE, with a cloud of controversy and rumours swirling around her. Reports online claimed that Sasha had stormed out due to being upset at losing the titles, others claimed she had laid on the floor of the locker room and angrily shouted about her treatment, others claimed she cried. There were plenty of these rumours once WrestleMania ended and Sasha was no longer on WWE television, but nobody really knew the actual answer. Where did she go?

This Chronicle speaks with Sasha about the situation, about those very rumours that followed her around for a number of months, and about her life and the things she wanted to change in order to feel happy again. It’s a very good episode and shows a side to Sasha, and the real person behind that character, Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, providing fans with a glance at her emotional side as she talks to the camera about how sad she felt, how numb she was feeling when she should have been excited, and how her depression and misery were causing her to question her career.

It’s interesting, and fans of Sasha will definitely enjoy hearing first-hand about what went on. People who aren’t fans should also find this to be an enlightening program too, and it lays to rest many of the rumours and speculations, regardless of whether some were true or not. Sasha recently returned to WWE television and began a major storyline feud with former NXT rival Becky Lynch. This is the place that many fans have hoped Sasha would be for a long while, competing in a main women’s program on television for the Women’s Championship, and let’s hope she remains there, because she’s a very talented woman who is capable of great things in the ring, as we saw at shows like NXT TakeOver Brooklyn when she wrestled Bayley in one of the best women’s matches of all time, some years back.

Check this episode out, if you get the chance, it’s a fun one, and answers a few of those questions about what happened with Sasha this year. Good stuff.

WWE Chronicle is available to stream now on the WWE Network.


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