24th Sep2019

Predicted Trends for Live Games in 2020

by James Smith


In the last decade alone, the online casino gaming industry has undergone a number of profound changes, which have dramatically altered the industry. Advances in mobile gaming technology and the growing ubiquity of the internet have raised the profile of casino gaming, leading to industry turnover and revenue hitting record-breaking heights. But what will be the main trends driving the industry over the next number of years now that mobile device ownership is close to hitting peak capacity? In this short article, we will give you a brief overview of some of the key trends that look set to dominate the igaming scene, and what to look out for in the coming year.

Live Casino and Dealer Play Games

Although live dealer games have been around for some time, at least since most people have had access to a sufficient internet connection to sustain it, there is still a lot of room for growth in the live casino game sector. Live dealer play has traditionally tended to be quite a niche area of the online casino gaming scene, typically nowhere near as popular as classic computer-generated casino games. However, in the past year, more players than ever before are turning to live dealer play as their game of choice. Much of this is due to advances in technology, and now live dealer play can provide an audio-visual experience every bit as lush as a real casino, albeit from the comfort of your own home. With that said, a number of well-known developers — such as Evolution Gaming and Net Entertainment — are expanding their live game offerings. We are also beginning to see an increasing number of cross-over types of live dealer play, where live casino play is combined with live sports or other similar events.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Another trend we expect to see a lot more of in the coming months and years is Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Although the basic underlying technology has been around for some time, we are only now beginning to see VR technology packaged in an accessible and affordable consumer product. Products such as the Oculus could be used to add a whole new level of immersion to a live casino play experience, which is something we expect to see a lot more of in the coming year as the uptake of this technology among consumers picks up.


If you have been paying attention to the news in recent years, you would be hard-pressed to have avoided talk of the rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to a sharp rise in price — and subsequent fall — in 2018, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies received a massive amount of attention. Cryptocurrencies are the perfect technology for the online casino gaming scene, and particularly live casino gaming, as they allow payments to be processed in an instant — which would be perfect for a mid-game top-up during a live casino game — compared to traditional payments which require a number of days to be fully processed. Although popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum will likely continue to dominate, industry analysts also predict that we will see online casinos deploying their own bespoke cryptocurrencies over time for use on their platform. This will be a key trend to watch out for in 2020.

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