23rd Sep2019

Interview: Director Alexandre Franchi talks ‘Happy Face’

by Stuart Wright

In his latest interview/podcast, host Stuart Wright talks Happy Face with co-writer/director Alexandre Franchi.

In a therapy workshop for those with facial differences, there is an imposter. Whereas all the other members in the group — including its body-conscious and confidence-lacking leader — must return to a world that rejects them for lack of beauty, Augustine hides a secret. Under his bandages, he is really Stan. His face no longer distorted, he’s an attractive and imaginative teenager who plays D&D, picks up girls at bars, and lately has the difficult task of taking care of his cancer-stricken mother. Stan’s visits to the group are his way of learning to cope with the disease that is physically destroying a once-beautiful woman, and with his overwhelming guilt in being unable to face her. When the members of the group find out about Stan’s deception, he strikes a deal to stay while helping them weaponize their differences against a world that’s hostile towards them.

Happy Face plays at Fantastic Fest, which takes place September 19-26th 2019. Check out fantasticfest.com/films/happy-face for more info. And you can read our 5-star review right here.



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