18th Sep2019

WWE Smackdown Live – Sept 17th 2019: Results & Review

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s SmackDown Live review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and spaghetti scares me. On this show, we’ve got…three matches! Damn it. It’s a two hour show. I guess that’s not enough time to wrestle in. Like a polar bear in Alcatraz, it’s time to freak out.


Match #1: The New Day def. Randy Orton & The Revival

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston retained his title against Randy Orton at WWE Clash of Champion, but his New Day brethren fell to The Revival, who secured the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. With animosity still strong, Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E teamed up to take on Orton & The Revival on SmackDown LIVE. The action was non-stop as each side looked for redemption, and after The New Day took the upper hand during a wild scramble, the coast was clear for Kingston to blast Scott Dawson with Trouble in Paradise for the win.

My Opinion: 3.6 out of 5 – This match was the Pasta Fagioli of wrestling. Did I spell the Italian word right? Fagettaboutit. This was all action, all the time with the nearly twenty minutes of time to it. This is the way you start a wrestling show.

Match #2: Charlotte Flair def. Sasha Banks (Disqualification)

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Scheduled to rekindle their iconic rivalry, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks squared off in one-on-one action, as the longtime rivals were each looking to make a statement after both failed to leave WWE Clash of Champions with a title around their waist. And did they ever. Bitter animosity fueled a fierce showdown between the two combatants from the opening bell, with Bayley acting as more than an impartial bystander, to say the least. When Charlotte locked Sasha in the Figure-Four, Bayley attacked, ending the action in a disqualification and lighting the fuse a post-match 2-on-1 assault. From out of nowhere, however, Carmella soon hit the scene to even the odds. Mella, clearly fed up with Bayley’s recent actions, helped Flair fight off the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

My Opinion: 2.8 out of 5 – This was well below what this should have been. For all this talk of the women’s revolution, it sure feels like the women are being given the short stick as often as ever.

Match #3: (Main Event) Heavy Machinery def. The B-Team

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Heavy Machinery continued their hot streak, looking dominant as ever while toppling Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas. The former Raw Tag Team Champions attempted to slow down the steaming locomotives to no avail, with Dallas falling to the Compactor for another decisive Blue Collar Strong victory.

My Opinion: 1.5 out of 5 – A squash and a waste of time.

News Of The Night:

  1. Chad Gable ruined Baron Corbin’s King of the Ring coronation to continue their feud.
  2. Carmella helped Charlotte Flair with Bayley and Sasha Banks attack on Flair.
  3. Kevin Owens delivered a lawsuit to Shane McMahon that stipulates that Shane will be fired if KO wins the case.
  4. Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn attacked Ali before a scheduled match could even begin.
  5. Erick Rowan cut a good promo where he declared he is his own man.
  6. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper attacked Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.
  7. Brock Lesnar will challenge Kofi Kingston for the WWE World Title on the debut of SmackDown on FOX.

Final Verdict: 2.8/5

The opener was the only reason this show got anything above a 1.9.


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