16th Sep2019

The Last Week in Wrestling #37 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have another week to get to, which is what I say every week, because I’m on cruise control…Speed 2: Cruise Control. Alright, we’ve got a lot of Ring Of Honor to get to, which means every-one else is just lucky to be here.


Best Promo:

Rowan Did It…For Rowan (WWE) – Rowan admitted, with pride, that he has been the one attacking Roman Reigns. Rowan was so good here that you’d be excused for thinking he was already a major star, but this wa the first time he’s ever been given a chance like this.

Best Moment:

The Hug Of Death (WWE) – Bayley turned heel on Becky Lynch and got cheered for it, while Becky also got cheered.

Best Move:

Nightmare Pendulum (Major League Wrestling) – Hammerstone took out Go Shiozaki with the move and made the move look better than ever.

Best Personality:

Konnan (Impact Wrestling) – Konnan sold the demise of LAX’s Impact career about as well as could be expected.

Best Character:

Dalton Castle (Ring Of Honor) – Castle had a lot of chances to show his character and he succeeded every time he did any thing.

Best Performance:

Volador Jr. (Ring Of Honor) – This is a composite of all three of his ROH matches from over the weekend. Volador Jr. should definitely be in a big world league at some point, because he’s just so good.

Best Wrestler:

Jay Lethal (Ring Of Honor) – Jay had far too many great performances, as well as a great brawl that will set up a big feud that people already seem to be excited about.

Best Card:

Ring Of Honor/CMLL Espectacular 2 (Ring Of Honor) – This was a great card, with only a match or two that didn’t seem up to snuff with the rest (they all managed to deliver some-thing worth watching, though).

Best Show:

Ring Of Honor/CMLL Espectacular 3 (Ring Of Honor) – A good card became a great show by sheer will and determination.

Best Match:

Baron Corbin versus Cedric Alexander (WWE) – This match was great. Baron gave his best performance in his career, so far, while Cedric finally got to show his versatility.

Best League:

Ring Of Honor – Four shows with a slew of great matches makes you the best of the week.

Final Verdict: 4.6/5

Hey, there were a lot of great matches and some good booking to boot, so why not give the week a great rating? Plus, the pills I choke on for fun are really kicking in, so I’m gonna go trip out on whatever the hell I’ve been taking with Robitussin. Okay, I’ll see you all next week. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to eat local pizza, because local pizza has to pay twice as much for each “z”.


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