16th Sep2019

‘Momo: The Missouri Monster’ VOD Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Elizabeth Saint, Cliff Barackman, Janet Jay, Sara Heddleston, James Bobo Fay, Lyle Blackburn, Adam Duggan, Mark Matzke, Ronald Breedlove, William Nance, Ken Rose, Grayden Nance, Amy Davies, Victoria Rose, Sue Matzke | Written by Seth Breedlove, Mark Matzke, Jason Utes | Directed by Seth Breedlove


At the very least Momo (and that’s what I’ll call the movie for the rest of this piece) is a unique take on a monster movie. In the Summer of 1972 Louisiana, Missouri was terrorized by a big-foot-like creature named Momo. This movie tells that story in a part documentary part fake low budget monster movie from 1975. It’s an interesting take on this style and one that works surprisingly well.

I am actually a fan of all the styles and genres shown here. I love a good documentary on some mysterious creature or monster that has never really been seen properly by anyone. I am one of those people that desperately wants to believe there are things like that out there. I’m also a fan of monster movies, even low budget ones from the seventies – they certainly have a charm to them.

The documentary part of the movie works well. Introduced by Lyle Blackburn, who also asks all the talking heads the questions, he’s a likeable, if very stereotypical ‘cowboy’ sort of American guy. Perfect as the host. The interviewees are also pleasant and interesting to listen to as the recall stories from forty years ago. They all seem please to be there and tell their story and conversations a kept relatively short and to the point.

The fake movie from 1975 is titled Momo: The Missouri Monster and is much more entertaining than it should be. Made to look old and grainy, the acting is often wooden and pretty poor. The monster looks kinda cool in a low budget kind of way and it’s clearly made by people that love and know old big foot movies and movies like the often mentioned The Legend Of Boggy Creek. The movie is well shot in that seventies style and I actually wanted to see more of it – the opening scene was like something out of a weird slasher movie. But in truth, it was probably as enjoyable as it was because we see it in short bursts. Maybe a full ninety minute movie of it would have worn a bit thin.

There’s also a surprising amount of cool-looking animated scenes. These scenes often show the monster and its ‘attacks’ and look really great. I’ve actually noticed in quite a few recent low budget horror movies that animation has been used to good effective. I have no idea if animation is easier to do now or cheaper or film-makers are just trying new things – but I’m liking it and it works well here.

From a director who is used to making similar documentaries, Momo delivers something highly original and entertaining. It wont be for everyone but fans of all those myths and local stories about creatures in the woods will no doubt get a kick out of this.

*** 3/5

Momo: The Missouri Monster is released on DVD and VOD on September 20th, courtesy of Small Town Monsters.


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