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‘MLW: Fusion’ Review (Sept 14th 2019)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Major League Wrestling: Fusion review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and it’s all about War Chamber. Hey, screw War Games. NXT can go !@#$ itself. Alright, let’s get to the mayhem.


Match #1: Leo Brien defeated Blake Banks

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

A returning Leo Brien comes firing out into the NYTEX Sports Centre to start off Fusion from Dallas. The once turned bounty hunter from Colorado was ruthless and relentless, making very quick work against his young opponent Blake Banks. He threw Banks across the ring by his ears (not a typo) before prepping him up for an Oklahoma Stampede for the devastating 1-2-3. Rich Bocchini said it perfectly: “Leo Brien means business” and the Dirty Blonde gives a final stomp to Blake before exiting.

My Opinion: 2.3 out of 5 – This was a squash that was over before it could slow the show down, so that’s good. Brien looked tough here, which is good. Water wet. Food eat. Hey Lady!

Match #2: (Main Event) Tom Lawlor, Low Ki, Ross Von Erich & Marshall Von Erich (w/ team captain Kevin Von Erich) defeated CONTRA Unit (Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael, Ikuro Kwon & Simon Gotch) – War Chamber Match

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

The mood changes as we see Timothy Barr stand mid-ring surrounded by the barbed-wire confines of the ominous War Chamber. Barr runs down the rules of War Chamber which go as follows:

  • A coin toss determines which team enters first.
  • 1-on-1 for 5:00 in stage 1 of the War Chamber.
  • The winner of coin toss comes out for 2-on-1.
  • Alternating teams have wrestlers enter every 2 minutes.
  • Once all combatants are in the War Chamber, victory is won by submission, surrender or pinfall.

After the rules, the first two Chamber entrants are revealed. On CONTRA’s behalf it was a masked Gotch who made his way to the ring. Dallas erupted when the first competitor for Team Von Erich ended up being Marshall. It’s a surprising tactic, but one of strength and bravery as the fans are elated to see him walk out with his father after being blinded by Ikuro Kwon just a few weeks earlier.

The bell rings and the two trade blows before Marshall hits a beautiful standing dropkick. Marshall yells out “Let’s go Texas” as he cannonball rolls Gotch in the corner and begins to assert control. “Let’s go Marshall” is echoed throughout the arena while he downs Gotch. The 6’4″ Von Erich shows his technical prowess and his striking strength with some solid European uppercuts. The clock ticks down and we find that it’s CONTRA who won the toss as Josef Samael makes his way towards the Chamber. It’s almost immediate that the numbers game comes into play as Gotch and Samael strike and maul Marshall down. “We want Ross” chants are heard as the two continue to beat down his brother who still somehow manages to maintain some fire as Filthy Tom sprints in as the fourth entry.

The two quickly contain CONTRA a and Team Von Erich change the tide of the fight. Next up is the World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu and the Champ shows exactly why he is that as he catches Lawlor with a Samoan Drop and takes out Marshall with a handspring moonsault. The momentum goes back in CONTRA’s favor and the dirty tactics are on full display as Samael is seen gnawing on the ear of Lawlor. Low Ki is the third Von Erich member to enter the structure, but before he does he pulls a page out of Badstreet U.S.A.’s book to smack Samael in the head with the cage door. The Lone Wolf of Brooklyn enters the fold and it’s evident as why he’s become an imperative part of the unlikely alliance. That cage door smash caused the crimson to flow out of Samael’s face as we see the mysterious Ikuro Kwon makes his way to the Chamber. Kwon immediately goes after Low Ki and both men exchange crisp kicks to the chest. You can begin to feel the chaos rise as the bloodshed really starts to show its color in the pre-bout brawl.

The final entrant is Ross Von Erich and the match is officially underway. Ross may be suffering from the flu, but is full of fire and transfers that adrenaline over to Marshall as he locks in The Claw back suplex slam. The majority of the men are down while Ross begins to go after Fatu who he sends airborne with a mid-ring hurricanrana. Speaking of which, Fatu is feeling the effects of the match and begins to choke Ross with his wrist tape. Lawlor starts slugging away at the champ, but Fatu literally shakes off his strikes and starts to pound Tom down in the corner. The pendulum looks to be swinging in the favor of CONTRA, but Team Von Erich show its fortitude as Kevin Von Erich watches on.

Lawlor shows he isn’t finished with Fatu and strikes away at the champion. Samael showcases his sadism as he uses his bloody wrist tape to strangle out his opponents. He then makes a critical mistake by talking trash to Kevin on the outside and that ignites a rage in Marshall who flips him down to the canvas for a spinal tap kick. Fatu finds his next level and goes on the assault when he picks up Ross for a Samoan Drop. Marshall tries to stifle with a Claw onto Fatu, but he knocks him away with the body of his brother before he executes the Samoan drop in full. Things get real wild as Low Ki and Samael struggle to grate one another’s forehead’s off the razor wire. Low Ki wins that battle, but interference occurs when a masked solider attempts to climb into the action, but Kevin puts a quick stop to that with a Claw of his own.

Everything looks just about over as Lawlor locks on the rear naked choke on Samael, but Samael spikes Lawlor in the hand, Kwon mists him in the face before Fatu smacks him down with a standing sidekick. Fatu leaps up for the springboard moonsault and goes for the almost surefire pinfall, but Low Ki makes the necessary save. Gotch goes for a spike piledriver on Ross but Marshall catches wind and latches the Claw on Gotch. With Simon in his clutches, Marshall makes his way to the corner and climbs to the top rope as Ross settles under Gotch to lift him up on his shoulders. Marshall then leaps off with Gotch becoming the recipient of a Claw Slam and resulting in an extremely hard fought win for Team Von Erich.

My Opinion: 4.3 out of 5 – This was a War Games match through and through, with some barbed wire and no roof to boot. This match was the brutal, violent fight to the finish that it should have been with all sorts of chaos and mayhem the whole way through. This match was more insane than Bernie Sanders’s idea for universal health care. Sanders…that troll under the bridge looking mother-!@#$%&?. Trust me when I say that this match was worth the time it took to watch and South Park is coming back this September. Overall, go watch this match and make sure to wear a cup.

News Of The Night:

1. The Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holliday) defend the Major League Wrestling Tag Team Championships against The Hart Foundation (Teddy Hart & Davey Boy Smith Jr.) in a 2/3 Falls Match.

Final Verdict: 4/5

The whole show was built around the big main event and it worked.


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