26th Jul2019

‘RIng of Honor’ Wrestling Review (July 21st 2019)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Ring Of Honor review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have some matches and stuff. Isn’t that exciting? Actually, we have more from the Villain Enterprises/LifeBlood feud in our main event, so get ready to see LifeBlood lose…or not. I didn’t spoil anything.


Match #1: Jonathan Gresham defeated Kenny King, Dalton Castle and Jeff Cobb – Four Corner Survival Match

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

Even though the match is every man for himself, Castle and King worked as unit to isolate Gresham. Eventually, their alliance fell apart. As Castle and King bickered, Gresham tagged in Cobb, who began tossing around both men. King went for a Blockbuster on Cobb, but Cobb caught him and delivered a Jackhammer for a near fall. Later, ringside attendant Amy Rose handed King one of her high heels. Cobb tried to take the shoe away from her, but King hit an Enziguri, and the shoe went flying. Gresham retrieved the shoe and blasted King with it. Gresham then rolled up King and grabbed the tights for the win.

My Opinion: 3 out of 5 – This was a solid match that started off the card on a good note. It’s a music reference…I think. Do I look like I ever know what I’m talking about? Anyway, this match had enough action to keep it going for the ten or so minutes it was going for, but with names like this all in the same ring at the same time, you’d think you’d want them to have more time to make a match worth remembering. I just used “you’d” twice in the same sentence. Shazam! All in all, this was a good way to open the show, because it wasn’t a twenty minute promo and it was wrestling.

Match #2: Soldiers of Savagery (Moses and Kaun) defeated Primal Fear

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

SOS jumped Primal Fear as soon as they entered the ring. Moses and Kaun hit a double chokeslam on one of their opponents and pinned him. Time of the fall: 47 seconds.

My Opinion: 0 out of 5 – All of my usual complaints about squash matches apply here. Also, Alita: Battle Angel was pretty damn good. See? I found a way to stay positive while reviewing a squash match. Also, I think this review lasted longer than this match. I guess they had to save room for more promos.

Match #3: (Main Event) LifeBlood (Bandido, Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams) defeated ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO and Brody King) – Philadelphia Street Fight Match

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

LifeBlood (Mark Haskins, Bandido and Tracy Williams) entered the ring and demanded Villain Enterprises come out to face them. Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO, Brody King and Flip Gordon) appeared on the stage. Scurll gave Gordon the night off and told him to go in the back and watch how Villain Enterprises does business. Scurll said he supposes LifeBlood wants a shot at their ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles, but it’s not going to happen. Williams said it’s not about the titles. He challenged them to a Philadelphia Street Fight. Scurll accepted. Bodies were flying everywhere and kendo sticks and chairs were used as weapons right from the start. Williams and Bandido double-powerbombed King off the middle rope onto a set of chairs for a near fall. Bandido hit a super hurricanrana that sent PCO crashing through a table on the floor. While Haskins had Scurll in the Sharpshooter, Williams applied a crossface to Scurll using a kendo stick. King made the save. Bandido hit a corkscrew dive off the top rope onto a pile of competitors on the floor. Bandido then hit 21 Plex on PCO on a chair, but King made the save. Shortly thereafter, Bandido connected on a fallaway slam/moonsault on Scurll for the victory.

My Opinion: 4 out of 5 – I thought this went really well. Imagine if a sequel got made to “The Warriors” and…well, that’s the match. This was a really grueling brawl that went all over the place like they were buying up real estate. That’s a bad example, but it still feels appropriate. The action was off the charts and given that this was a grudge match with weapons, I’d say that’s more than appropriate. I used the same word twice in my review of the match. I used to have an OCD-thing about that, but I got over it by staring at a microwave with chicken nuggets in it. Hey, where else are going to get reviews as awkward as mine? Wait, that’s not a good thing. Any-way, this was exactly what it should been every step of the way, with the kind of reckless mayhem that these sorts of matches need to be just as they are advertised as. Wow, that’s a sentence that deserves a delete button. Okay, go watch the match and enjoy the carnage.

News Of The Night:

  1. Shinobi Shadow Squad want the Ring Of Honor Six-Man Championships.
  2. Jonathan Gresham is officially a heel now, thanks to every-body being one already (his words, not mine).
  3. Sumie Sakai fights Karissa Rivera, next week.
  4. The Briscoes fight Rush & Dragon Lee, next week.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

This was a good show that succeeded on a great main event. The show built toward a few interesting matches for the immediate future and did so without any long monologues from people who can’t act, so there you go. Over-all, this was a fun show that got some stuff right and made me want to give them a chance next week.


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