04th Jul2019

‘Warlocks 2: God Slayers’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Britt Roberts


A humorous 2D action / RPG hybrid that has all the trappings of an online game but alas, currently has no online capability..

Warlocks 2 begins with your chosen warlock (there are five available) getting rescued from a cage in quite a funny introduction sequence. Following this, you get a brief tutorial of the unlockable skill trees and menus before setting out on your first quest, defeating the Faun God and his minions.

It takes a few minutes to get acquainted with Warlocks 2’s style, the pixel art style works well, there are a fair amount of different enemies spread throughout the 8-10 hour running time and the different worlds act almost as different time periods, again adding aethethic variety but there’s a grindy familiarity that runs throughout and, for me really crept in around the three-hour mark.

I chose Cormag the Drunken Goat as my warlock, he who rides on the back of a dwarven / horse hybrid. Good. A melee character, I was getting hooves deep into the action and smashing down the enemy respawn totems, picking up loot and making my away around the gently labrynthine maps.

The game starts off well, I enjoyed the relatively quick unlocks and sorting out which combination of buffs etc. worked for me. The armour and clothing you pick up doesn’t show in-game on your character, which feels a missed opportunity for some visual gags but that was a minor niggle. In-between quests you return to the intergalactic canteen and sell off unneeded items and purchase heath packs and weapons, if you haven’t looted any decent ones on your most recent partially procedurally generated quest.


As I’ve said, the problems crept in around the three hour mark, the short, looped music was really starting to grate and the enemies were becoming attack-sponges, ramming home that feeling of an inherent online sensibility. The basic platforming and relatively ‘go there and collect / kill that’ had worn out and I couldn’t find much to keep me involved beyond the slightly off-the-wall approach to the dialogue and general writing.

Warlocks 2: God Slayers is a decent and straightforward 2D hack-em-up but the gameplay doesn’t really evolve beyond what you see in the first few levels, whilst it does offer slightly more longevity with a local co-op mode, it still feels a bit too plain to be a recommendation. The version on Steam advertises an online mode that seems more suited to the style of game that this is, opening it up to those who would get more from this through online play with all the looting and grinding that comes with it. If that was extended to the Switch release, I’m sure it would find a more suited audience, as it stands it’s sadly not a game that I can see myself returning too although I did enjoy the first couple of hours with it.

Warlocks 2 is available on the Nintendo eShop now.


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