19th Jun2019

What is Coming to Netflix this July?

by James Smith


The irreversible truth is that a lot of people love fun. Typically, people indulge in various fun activities such as gaming, gambling, spending time with family in a quiet park, dog walking, reading, navigating their favorite social media platforms, but for many, watching exciting films is their thing. Millennials take the larger pie on movie watching as well as playing online games- a thing they love since they can utilize coral promo code and at the same time leverage video slots bonus in the brace of their play. But it is true most people cannot easily resist the captivating action on Netflix just to take a dog for an evening walk!

That said; you need to be aware of what to anticipate. Big hitters are making their way to screens this July. Look: this coming July might be one of the hottest months when it comes to Netflix. This is good news to movie enthusiasts who in the meanwhile are keen on movie reviews. So, here are the hits that will cause waves and flood the headlines this July.

Strangers Things 3 – set to launch on 4th July

One of the biggest shows on Netflix is back and will once again premier this July. Since season 2 of Stranger Things came to an end a year and a half ago, people have been anxiously waiting for the next move. So, what should you expect in season 3? There is a lot to anticipate. You must be longing for new romances, fresh characters, a lot more monsters, and thrilling action as it had always been with Strangers Things pAST seasons. This one will be hotter than the last – so, you should not expect to get bored this coming month. You should be sure that you are covered.

Money Heist 3 / La Casa de Papel – set for release on July 19th

This is a sure big hitter on Netflix. Money Heist is actually one of the best Netflix Original series that is ever captivating since its last pick up from Antenna 3 back in Spain which was simply set to be a two-part series. It was such a massive heist that The Professor had keenly worked out. So, you need to expect the crew to make a grand return under a different state of affairs. It is about time you keep eyes open and ensure your subscription is not compromised so that you can get a full glimpse of such a hit.

Family Reunion: Season 1 – set for release on July 10th

For the very first time, you will get to view Family Reunion which stars Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Loretta Devine, Talia Jackson, and Anthony Alabi. It has incredible 20 episodes to watch as you wait for season 2 which could premier before this year ends. There is a surety that this time round Netflix will be trying to find an audience for this type of series, even though previous shows of this kind such as the All About the Washingtons faced unanticipated cancellation.


You have seen what to expect in this July. Simply get ready to enjoy all the dramas, thrilling scenes and exciting moments that are due on your screen anytime soon. Mark the dates and have your friends and family ready for the big premiere of these fantastic series.

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