17th Jun2019

‘The Perfection’ Review (Netflix)

by Jak-Luke Sharp

Stars: Allison Williams, Logan Browning, Alaina Huffman, Steven Weber, Molly Grace, Graeme Duffy, Mark Kandborg, Winnie Hung, Glynis Davies, Eileen Tian, Christina Jastrzembska | Written by Eric C. Charmelo, Richard Shepard, Nicole Snyder | Directed by Richard Shepard


The Perfection is directed by Richard Shepard and stars Allison Williams and Logan Browning as Charlotte and Lizzie, two classic musically trained prodigies who – on a chance meeting at a musical exhibition held by the benefactors of each girl, both of whom are showing off their latest star pupil – become entangled in each other’s talent. Together they slowly bond with deadly morally ambiguous intent.

Richard Shepard’s film is a thrilling haunting blast from its eerie start to its diabolically horrid and splendid climax. Splitting itself into chapters – in a similar style implemented by Tarantino in his filmography – and structuring itself into a series of five individual parts with aptly provided titles. The Perfection nails a structure that provides a chilling and eerie tension throughout. Not utilising a traditional structure affords the film to flow in a precise and ambiguous manner with the intense atmosphere installed all the more unpredictable and mysterious. With every passing minute the audience is on the back foot of the films intoxicating twist and turns.

The edit by David Dean plays with audience expectation in a wonderfully pleasurable charismatic manner. The Perfection leads you down what seems like a clear-cut thread with predictable convention; yet with every thread the film changes tune in such a provocative and compelling fashion. It’s comparable to that of the film grooming you, a poor choice of words granted, but contextually appropriate considering the material. The Perfection gains your trust and completely evaporates such in the next scene. The element of surprise and that of the intensified mysticism enriches such a captivating set of events that leave you sick to your stomach.

The performances from both Allison Williams and Logan Browning are layered and weighted with an outstanding level of questionable moral flow. And while it may be the thrilling moments of horror that audiences will be enthralled with the most. It’s the utterly compelling roles of each actress that makes this film stand out from most of the underwhelming Netflix properties of late. Allison Williams for one puts forth a stunning performance that’s enriched with a deeply unsettlingly dark and indecipherable moral compass. Her presence and a mysterious arc are brilliantly represented with a subtle and emotionally restraint performance. Browning is equally as impressive, and while her role is slightly different in terms of being emotionally tuned to that of Williams. When Browning’s characters arc begins to open up, all sorts of distorted sentiment begin to take shape; resulting in an impressive emotional turn with range and gravitas.

The Perfection is available on Netflix now.


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