03rd Jun2019

‘Hellmut: The Badass From Hell’ Review (Xbox One)

by Chris Cummings


Some games are playful, easy-going and nice to relax with when you’ve spent too long at work. Some games are less forgiving and want to punish you, make you feel a sense of disdain for your own skills as a gamer. Some games want to be playful and still punish you… well… Hellmut is that game. It’s a dungeon crawler where you move through levels and kill lots (and lots) and lots of demons. It sounds simple, right? Well, it is. Kind of. I mean, the idea of Hellmut is simple, and the story is fun but the gameplay itself… well, the gameplay is pretty damn hard.

Let’s go into the story a little though first. You’ve been summoned to hell and through some violent happenings, you end up in battle against hordes of demons so you can find your old body. I mean, there’s more to it, and there are reasons and plot points that I won’t go into, but at its most basic point… you’re Hellmut… you’re going to kill demons. Things will happen along the way, you’ll mutate, you’ll cause bloodshed, and you will have fun doing it.


The look and feel of Hellmut is excellent. It feels old-school horror in tone and the music and visual style really appealed to me. The difficulty curve is fine, so long as you practice and know how the game works and plays. It isn’t always smooth sailing, but the way it moves and the controls being so well designed makes it a bunch of fun. The twin stick shooting is a blast and knowing your enemies is half of the battle. I had fun learning with this game, and the results can be just shooting things to pieces and coming out the other side with a big smile on your face. Well worth it.

The soundtrack sounds excellent and works very nicely with the gameplay itself as you shoot your way through room after room, like Gauntlet with an R-Rating, of all number of hell minions. I died a fair bit, but this isn’t usually my genre (yeah, I’ll say that’s the reason…) yet I found it hard to be angry or frustrated about it, because I just wanted to jump back in and start shooting again. It becomes addictive as you discover the various mutations you take on, the various enemies you have a chance to kill, and the designs of the levels as you encounter them.


If you’re not into the harder games though, perhaps this isn’t for you. It isn’t one I will personally be able to pick up and play a lot due to the sheer difficulty of it as it continues, but if you enjoy a kick in the nuts as a player, and don’t mind suffering through levels in order to reach the end, then this is well worth your time.

Think Hotline Miami meets Rogue Legacy meets Doom. It’s a monster mash, but in the sense that there’s a lot of monster insides flying about like mashed potatoes. I recommend Hellmut for fans of the tougher dungeon crawlers, and anyone who might fancy slaughtering a bunch of crazy demons. What a boat-load of wet visceral fun.

Hellmut is available on the Xbox One (and Switch) now.


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