22nd May2019

‘Don’t Look’ Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Luciana Faulhaber, Jeff Berg, Jarrod Robbins, Curtis K. Case, Lindsay Eshelman, Javier E. Gómez | Written by Jessica Boucher, Danielle Killay | Directed by Luciana Faulhaber


The title Don’t Look does feel like one I’ve heard before or one that really should have been used before now. It’s so generic it could be used for a ghost story, a home invasion or, like it has here, a standard slasher…

This though is the problem with Don’t Look. It’s a slasher movie and there a hundreds, maybe even thousands of them for horror fans to watch, so to get them to watch a new one you need to have something to grab peoples attention. Something to make you stand out from the pack. This is something that Don’t Look struggles to do.

To start with, the story is just your basic “young adults off to a kind of cabin in the woods to get drunk and have sex”. They first come across some hillbillies and not too long after a serial killer in a mask. Sound familiar? That’s of course because it very much is. In fairness, the filmmakers do give a back story to the lead character and why they are staying in the cabin. It is the same place her father killed her mother, a good enough reason to stay there I guess!

The story, once again almost stereotypically involves nudity, sex, gore and poor acting. Those performances are average at best and the characters are so unbelievably unlikeable that you will at least be desperate for the killer to kill them off. Although I’m sure if this was the directors intention. You’ll be annoyed at just how long some of them survive for, with any attempt at comedy, falling way off the mark. I guess some people might enjoy that there’s a lot of nudity, both the men and women like to de-robe as much as possible. But the sex scenes are not sexy in the slightest and you’ll soon be bored of them.

At the very least, some effort has gone into the gore scenes. All with practical effects, that while aren’t revolutionary, I did get some enjoyment out of. In particular the death involving plenty of intestines(!) The killer themselves isn’t very interesting. No overly interesting weapons or deaths and a mask that isn’t very original and isn’t very scary. The killer, like the movie, does nothing to be any different or in any way, better than ones you will have seen before.

As you can probably tell, I felt like Don’t Look was, at best, a run-of-your-mill slasher movie.

It struggles to get your attention and when it does, it doesn’t hold it for very long. When the final reveal happens it’s hard to care very much and this is the movies biggest weakness. I just didn’t care what happened to anyone. Even hardcore slasher fans will find Don’t Look hard to enjoy.

Don’t Look is available on VOD and DVD, in the US, now from Wild Eye Releasing.


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