21st May2019

‘RemiLore’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Phil Wheat


An all-new hack-and-slash action game, RemiLore follows the journey of an ordinary schoolgirl named Remi and a supreme magic book named Lore as they battle their way through the anime-inspired world of Ragnoah.

Essentially RemiLore is a “rogue-lite” anime-style adventure set in a colorful world where players can defeat enemies with a variety of powerful melee and magical ranged attacks, RemiLore could best be descirbed as a dungeon-crawler game only with the bright, colourful appearance of Skylanders – and, surprisingly, it’s Skylanders that this game reminded me of the most, walking around an isometric world fighting enemies you come across and collecting a myriad of items. Many of which do absolutely NOTHING to help you in your quest!

However, despite the bright, colourful visuals which all look very child-friendly, it turns out that RemiLore is a lot more difficult that it – at first – seems. Especially given that your power-ups and health are in short supply. But then that, honestly, adds to the challenge. There’s a real satisfaction in completing a level and getting your final score when it comes to the later stages, though to get the best rank you have to do a lot more than merely hack your way through the many waves of enemies. Do that and you’ll not only rank badly but you’ll soon find yourself dying a LOT faster than you’d like.


Thankfully when, or should that be if, you manage to level up, the game can change dramatically – especially when you equip any of over 200 different fun and fantastic weapons. Yes, that IS a lot of weapons but trust me you’ll need them if you want to get anywhere near to completing RemiLore.

Now I’ve mentioned levelling up, getting power ups etc. but don’t let that put you off picking up the game – which is billed as an action-RPG but, honestly, as someone who’s not a fan of RPG is general, RemiLore actually feels very little like any type of RPG, more your typical hack and slash game, just with a little more intelligence needed when it comes to choosing weapons and utilising them. For a part of RemiLore‘s gameplay style is learning patterns – knowing how weapons work, in terms of how far they can reach, how much damage they can do. Also learning how enemies attack, memorising the patterns of how and when they attack (most have brief “tells” that let you know when they’re about to attack).

I’ve seen many gamers complain that RemiLore quickly wears out its welcome due to the repetitive gameplay but I think that’s the games strength – its easy to pick up and play in between playing other games. There’s no complicated control system, no overly complex story, instead the hack and slash gaming allows you to easily dip in and out of the game… Couple that with the Switch’s portability and, for me, it’s a match made in heaven.


RemiLore is available on the Nintendo Switch now from Nicalis.


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