06th May2019

‘iZombie 5×01’ Review

by Xenia Grounds

Stars: Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders | Created by Diane Ruggiero, Rob Thomas


iZombie has had an interesting evolution over the past four years. When it started, it was a typical murder of the week show with a self-aware zombie twist. As we head into the final season, it shows how this series has become more relevant in mirroring the darker things that are happening in the world now.

Season five begins six months after the events of the season four finale. Major oversees Fillmore Graves and it is in better hands with him leading things (such as no guillotine executions) but it’s still martial law even if it isn’t as brutal. However, tensions between humans and zombies rise when a human woman is mauled and seemingly killed by zombies in a viral video.

As is common with minority groups, zombies are more vulnerable in this situation. Our core group of characters (Liv, Ravi, Clive, Peyton and Dale) know that they must control this situation before it escalates so they act as a task force of sorts for New Seattle. However, it does escalate thanks to Dolly Durkins who leads a movement that essentially believes zombies don’t have rights and they deserve death. If there was a term to describe her, it would be human supremacist and a very extreme one at that. As the episode progresses, it turns out Dolly leads a terrorist group and she uses a grieving man as a suicide bomber by convincing him to drive a car laced with explosives into a Fillmore Graves checkpoint killing a few zombies in the process.

Liv and Clive investigate a murder but by the end of the episode, there is no body but there is a grieving boyfriend who beat them there. This is a story that will most definitely continue in the next episode because there is something quite suspect about it. In the opening scene, a zombie woman had to fool an anti-zombie shopkeeper and it isn’t too clear what really happened after she quickly fled.

The next storyline is Blaine who is basically living like royalty because he’s the only way New Seattle is getting brains across the border. He has a little conflict as border agents become more hesitant after seeing that video which results in Blaine presumably killing one of them when he doesn’t comply to Blaine’s demands. As much as I enjoy his character and find him entertaining, Blaine is still a horrible person and he has yet to have a real comeuppance in the series. With this being the final season, it must be coming but it’s just a case of wondering who will be the one to give him some much-needed karma. My theory is it’s going to come down to either Liv who has hated Blaine from the second she met him or maybe his right-hand man, Don E, who would be willing to betray Blaine if given the right motivation.

Last is the storyline around the cure. Ravi starts out the season with his monthlies and eats the brain of a thug which serves as the comedy for the episode. A pharmaceutical company is introduced in this season and a young female doctor (I forget her name) discovers that kids with Freylich Syndrome have the brains that would contain the cure for zombies. We know this already from seeing Isobel in season four. However, Ravi bluntly points out that those 300 kids would be hunted down which convinces her not to reveal her findings. The cure has been an overhanging question since the first episode and whether Liv would remain a zombie or not so it’ll be interesting to see what happens if/when this question is answered.

It’s hard to believe this is the same dramedy show from four years ago with some of the storylines currently happening, but iZombie doesn’t drown itself in seriousness and drama. It still wants to make you laugh and seriously, those scenes are needed when there are stories about hate crimes and terrorism. Season Five is already starting off considerably stronger than Season Four and if this continues, iZombie is on the path to an ending that fans will love.


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