06th May2019

Feature: 27 Lessons from 27 Films

by James Smith

Have you ever broken down on the side of the road because of an avoidable issue? If you have, you’re definitely not the only one. Each year, Highways England deal with more than 85,000 breakdowns on the roads they patrol. Many of these are caused by problems regular maintenance could have solved quickly and with ease. In fact, in the last two years alone, more than 40 per cent of the breakdowns Highways England attended were due to vehicles running out of fuel, poor tyre maintenance, power loss and engine trouble.

Breakdowns are pretty dramatic – so it’s no surprise to see that they feature on the silver screen too!

It seems as though Hollywood is reflecting reality – and the folks at Halfords have delved into 27 films featuring on screen breakdowns to see what vehicle maintenance lessons we can learn from the cinematic world… Such as where are film characters most likely to breakdown, which cars breakdown the most and what is the most reliable car in film? Is it more likely for characters to break down on a road trip in a horror or comedy film?

27 Lessons From 27 Films

27 Lessons From 27 Films

Provided by Halfords Autocentre


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