01st May2019

Nerd Buy: Michael J. Fox’s ‘Teen Wolf’ gets a Funko Pop!

by Phil Wheat

I’ve long since stopped buying Funko Pops – in fact I sold a lot of my collection quite recently. But even I, lapsed Pop! fan that I am, cannot resist this latest announcement from the purveyors of plastic, Funko. You see they just had to go and make a pop vinyl of one of my favourite films of all time, one of the films I have tattooed on my arm… the original 1985 Teen Wolf movie!

First up is Michael J. Fox himself, aka Scott Howard, aka the Teen Wolf himself, in his iconic basketball outfit. Here’s hoping there’s more characters from the film to follow.

Adolescence isn’t easy, but it’s especially challenging when you find yourself turning furry and howling at the moon whenever emotions are high. Bring home your very own teen werewolf Pop! Scott Howard, but be prepared for teenage hormones and lots of fur.

The POP Movies: Teen Wolf – Scott vinyl is set for release in August. Damn! I LOVE this!!



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