30th Apr2019

There really is a slot for everything – DC heroes reimagined

by James Smith

When it comes to cool stuff that all nerds love, comic books rank right up there with Game of Thrones and video games. There is just something about the characters in the comics themselves and the superhuman powers they have that is amazing. When you add in the exciting and often dark storylines, the appeal of comic books gets a whole lot easier to understand. In the comic book world, there are two main franchises to follow.

While many are pro-Marvel, DC Comics and its characters also get a lot of love. DC Comics was founded in 1934 and has grown over the years to have big-name superheroes on its roster from Batman to Superman. What is really cool for fans of these great DC characters now is that you can enjoy them in a variety of other ways, rather than just from reading the comics.

Chief among this for many is playing superhero-inspired online slot games, which gives you your superhero fix in a new and potentially rewarding way. For a good idea on the sort of online slots for real money you can play, you can see some examples here.

However, if you would rather get a brief overview on the best slots featuring DC characters here and now, then the below should do the job.



Arguably the biggest and best DC character to have been created is Batman. The superhero alter ego of millionaire Bruce Wayne, Batman comes out when needed to help keep Gotham City clean and crime-free. With lots of cool tech to use and plenty of memorable bad guys to face, he is perfect for online slot play. One of the most popular online slots featuring this character is “Batman & the Riddler Riches”. Based on the Adam West 1960s version of the Caped Crusader, it is fun to play and also has a progressive jackpot for big wins.


Next to Batman, this is probably the biggest DC character ever created. Coming from the planet Krypton, he is meek news reporter Clark Kent, who can transform into Superman when needed. With cool powers such as being able to fly and a love interest in Lois Lane, he has been the subject of many films and also some online slots. “Superman: Man of Steel” is one of the best titles to try out if you like this DC character. The real fun thing about this slot is that the main bad guy is General Zod, who all nerds will remember from the Superman II film! The slot itself has plenty of bonus games to keep you playing and also a pretty healthy RTP.


Green Lantern

Although not one single character as such, the Green Lantern is a very iconic DC character. From Alan Scott to Guy Gardner, there have been many Green Lanterns who have used their magic rings to help keep Earth safe. This is another DC idea that has been made into an online slot game, so is perfect if this is one of your favourites. Interestingly, you have a choice of titles to play as a Green Lantern fan due to Playtech and NextGen Gaming developing slot games on this storyline. Both are fun to play and are pretty faithful to the original DC comic books in terms of looks and sound.

Wonder Woman

Proving that it was not just the boys who were getting in on the superhero action, Wonder Woman was another favourite DC character for many. Originating from the exotic island of Themyscira, she adopts the moniker of Diana Prince on Earth and is also a founding member of the DC Justice League. If you like Ms Prince, then you will love the slot games that have been based on her. Playtech has a great slot called simply “Wonder Woman” that gets you right into the action. With a very strong visual appeal and in-game symbols that will take you right into the DC Universe, this is a cool slot for Wonder Woman fans to check out.


DC characters make ideal slot themes

Comic book superheroes and slot games seem to go together perfectly – the big names from DC Comics certainly show this to be true. If you are a big DC fan, then you will have a blast checking out any of the above slots, based on your favourite characters from the comic books. With exciting gameplay and super-sharp animation that takes you right into the story, it is another way to get your DC fix. It also shows just how popular superhero and comic book characters have become. With slots now being made to go with movies and comics, it seems that they will only become more popular.

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