25th Apr2019

Top 5: Nerdiest Slot Machine Games

by James Smith

Slots are considered one of the most popular types of casino games. Slots manufacturers release new titles basically every week and they are often very diverse in their themes and features so that they appeal to many players. In fact there can be so many released it can be hard to keep track! That’s where sites like www.rightcasino.com come in handy, they take the stress out of finding the perfect online casino for you.

If a software developer wants to design a slot game that would appeal to geeks from all parts of the globe, the game would definitely have some whiz bang characteristics that would probably put typical slot fans off – one that is graphically advanced, has excellent audio and animations, offers intellectual stimulation and has some sci-fi elements.

So here they are, the top five nerdiest slot machine games ever procured. They are created by well known providers, have good RTP and offer a thrilling gaming experience.


This slot is created in collaboration with 20th Century Fox. It has 3D graphics, wilds, re-spins multipliers and three levels. While playing this game nerds scan infested places for Alien activity and fight back Alien attacks only to reach the Queen Hive. Aliens has 5 reels and 20 pay-lines and is themed around the blockbuster movie under the same name.


Star Wars

Perhaps one of the biggest debates among nerds is which one is better, Star Wars or Star Trek? In the slot game world, the winner is pretty clear and Star Wars leads with a lineup of five video slot games that can be found at casino floors. These include the original Star Wars: Dark Side with 5 reels and 30 pay-lines as well as the newest games Empire Strike Back, Jabba’s Palace and Duel on Mustafar. It appears that the force is strong in these games.

Lord of the Rings

You are not a nerd if you haven’t heard about the bestselling books and blockbuster movie sequels Lord of the Rings. This 5 reel video slot will take you to a world dominated by sorcery and swords. On the reels you will see hobbits, namely Frodo and his friends, elves, faeries and dwarves. The slot comes with free spins where you can win up to 1,900,000 coins, wild icons, expanding wild symbols and scatter wins.


Dungeons & Dragons: Fortress of Fortunes

This slot is based on the popular board game under the same name and you can see many features from it while spinning the reels. The game play of this 20 pay-line slot starts by choosing one of the presented heroes- Tordek, Raelyn or Varick. It comes with scatters, wilds and a free spins bonus feature with win multipliers. The best you can get from the free spins feature is 180 free games with a 10x multiplier.

CSI: Video Slots

This popular CBS hit made forensics scientists hip. Now they can look for clues and inspect crime scenes by spinning the reels of CSI-themed video slots such as CSI: Miami, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: NY. The game has a three-games-in-one format. Special features such as a bonus round and bonus games are designed to make the gaming experience more profitable.

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