22nd Apr2019

The Last Week In Wrestling #24 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have another good week to look at, so let’s see if Peter B. Parker can lay off the sauce…barbeque is okay.

Best Promo:

Zayn-Mania…Doesn’t Care (WWE) – Sami Zayn cut a great promo that made his heel turn from the last year or so even better. The idea was that he has pulled a Bret Hart and made himself into a face, but sees the people as evil, so he rejects them in the name of his immortal soul.

Best Move:

Trouble In Paradise (WWE) – Kofi Kingston used this finisher to finally get his first WWE World Title belt. Performed perfectly and eliciting the ultimate reaction, this is one of those times when a move goes way beyond just being effective.

Best Moment:

The Legend Finally Arrives (New Japan Pro Wrestling/Ring Of Honor) – The Great Muta made his triumphant debut in Madison Square Garden at the G1 Super-Card after a long and magnificent career led him to fighting Jushin “Thunder” Liger in the RAMBO.

Best Personality:

Salina de la Renta (Major League Wrestling) – Salina just keeps getting better and better at her role in MLW.

Best Character:

Dalton Castle (Ring Of Honor) – The build towards Castle’s heel turn led to him having a great week of character development that culminated at the G1 Super-Card with him attacking his Boys.

Best Performance:

Kazuchika Okada (New Japan Pro Wrestling/Ring Of Honor) – Okada, if he wasn’t before, became a member of that elite group of people who are the very best at this profession. Okada is, without question, one the great wrestlers of his time and this match was the clincher in proving that.

Best Wrestler:

Kofi Kingston (WWE) – Kofi got gold and made the people feel the same way.

Best Card:

NXT Takeover: New York 2019 (WWE) – Every match on this card was fantastic, which is about all you can ask for from a wrestling event.

Best Show:

NXT Takeover: New York 2019 (WWE) – Everything about this was great and was as close to perfect as wrestling gets without actually being perfect.

Best League:

WWE – Vince McMahon had a great week with numerous cards and matches delivering on what they promised.

Best Match:

Daniel Bryan versus Kofi Kingston – WWE World Title Match (WWE) – At Wrestlemania, these guys had the match of the night and, possibly, the whole weekend.

Final Verdict: 5/5

Screw it. When you have this much good, why let the bad ruin it? There wasn’t much here that I would say could have tainted this entire week of wrestling, so why try to find enough to bring the score down? You had great matches that led to more great matches for the future, which is what wrestling is supposed to do. That’s what makes this a great week in wrestling.


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