05th Apr2019

What the Players Say

by James Smith


As we near the end of the first quarter of 2019 many industries are analysing how well business is and what, if any trends are becoming too prominent not to be taken notice of.

One of those industries that are always evaluating what is required to succeed is the gambling industry, especially as many economies are uncertain at this time (Brexit comes to mind)

Surveys are always a good indicator of how healthy a business is as they are carried out by those that use either the goods or services on offer.

If we take a look at online bingo many of the best bingo sites actively encourage their players to contact them with ideas or concerns, and from surveys carried out in 2018 the online bingo industry can evaluate and then act on trends to give their players exactly what they want from an online bingo site.

For instance, bingo players tend to remain loyal to a handful of their favourite brands and this can be pinned onto the fact that online bingo is a social game where it is usual for people to make friends and drop in for a few games and a chat. In fact, 2018 showed that only 28% of players have memberships at more than ten brands (this could be related to the decrease in no-deposit bonus offers to new players being offered.)

Playing online bingo still remains a game that is considered by many to be primarily a women’s game despite all the attempts by bingo brands to market it as a unisex game, and this idea does not appear to be changing with 88% of online bingo players being women. 2018 also showed an increase in the percentage of older players enjoying the game, the first rise in three years.

Spending habits of regular players are on the rise as 2018 showed that players are depositing more on average than they were in 2017 with the number of players who deposit more than £50 each month increased from 54% to over 70%. There was also an increase in the numbers of high rollers who regularly deposited over £100 per month.

Another interesting statistic was the rise in online bingo players that are also enjoying slots games that come second after online bingo. Of course, this is not such a big surprise as there has always been a great affinity towards the slot’s games from bingo players in both the bingo halls and the online sites.

With 88% of players enjoying a game at least once a week there was a big increase in the number of people who play bingo online every day (44%) and a significant increase in the time spent playing bingo.

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