05th Apr2019

‘Blood Bound’ VOD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Eden Brolin, Rosa Arredondo, Gerald McCullouch, Vanessa Rubio, Karmine Alers, Joseph Melendez, Timothy Hughes, Eric Nelsen, Justiin A. Davis, Ross Wellinger, Aleita Northey | Written and Directed by Richard LeMay


Blood Bound tells the story of a family of unlimited power who, every 25 years, bound to an ancient pact, descend upon a small rural town to sacrifice four human lives, one being a member of their own family. And the story of three local teens who love to spend their spare time invading local homes, robbing people at gunpoint of their possessions and money. Unfortunately for the teenagers, who are actually set-up by the family to steal their chest full of money, in this home invasion they are caught and subjected to a satanic ritual; during which one of the teens, Kerry, is raped. Shortly thereafter Kerry finds herself pregnant and realizes her unborn baby is the target of the families true evil intentions…

I love a good home invasion movie. Even moreso when the owners of the home are hiding their own secrets – that usually makes for some intriguing, exciting storytelling, especially when said owners are as “evil” as the antagonists, with films essentially pitting villain vs villain; rather than good vs evil. And that’s definitely the case with Blood Bound – which mixes the tropes of the traditional home invasion thriller with Rosemary’s Baby.

Yet despite that, Blood Bound actually plays out more like a supernatural version of 80s teen thriller River’s Edge – complete with angsty teens moping around the place and some bleak cinematography that matches the bleakness of the situation Kerry and her friends are in.

What’s odd however is that three-quarters of the way into Blood Bound the tone completely shifts and out goes the slow burning melodrama of a group of teens in a situation they, literally, can’t control (the family all have powers that they use to control other peoples actions and behaviour) into a gore-filled monster movie as the “demon” of the family turns up to rip people to pieces! Then we switch back to slow burning supernatural melodrama… It’s almost as if, by changing tone, writer/director Richard LeMay wants the audience to be kept as off-kilter and confused as the characters in his film.

Unfortunately that brief change in tonality means that the latter portion of Blood Bound feels more drawn out and mudane that what has come before it, even though its essentially the same pacing and plotting as the earlier part of the film! Thankfully the audience still has Eden Brolin’s solid central performance to hold their attention and it’s down to her, and Ross Wellinger as the conflicted family member David, that Blood Bound succeeds – for it’s those two that make the the film a compelling watch when the story is so, so familiar.

With a twist at the end, and one I didn’t see coming, Blood Bound is the epitomy of slow-burn horror, with nothing much to truly frighten the audience but plenty to creep you out. The film is out now on VOD from Film Mode Entertainment.


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