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‘WWE 205 Live’ Review (March 26th 2019)

by Phil Wheat


Welcome to this week’s 205 Live review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have Ritchie Costner watching Debi Mazar getting stabbed to death by an old chick with a knitting needle in prison. Yeah, I’m watching Happy! This is some wild $#!@. Oh, there’s some wrestling on here. Here we go, Idaho.

Match #1: The Lucha House Party def. Humberto Carrillo, Drew Gulak & Gentleman Jack Gallagher

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Ever since making an impressive WWE 205 Live debut against WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy, Humberto Carrillo has proven to be a top competitor in the Cruiserweight division. He’s also attracted the attention of Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher, who believe they can mentor Carrillo and mold him to their vision of a technically-sound Superstar. Carrillo has been open to Gulak and Gallagher and has forged an alliance, one that met a significant test against The Lucha House Party. Carrillo started the contest against Gran Metalik and displayed his impressive agility against the masked veteran. The two battled to a stalemate with their incredible athleticism until Gulak had enough and tagged himself in, annoyed that Carrillo was not focusing on his technical abilities. With his focus elsewhere, The Philadelphia Stretcher – and Gallagher – found themselves thrown from the ring, only to be saved by Carrillo.

With momentum in their favor, The Lucha House Party relied on teamwork and a breakneck pace to maintain an advantage against Gulak. In order to turn the tide, Gallagher pulled the ring apron out from under Lince Dorado, allowing Gulak to strike. After employing questionable tactics, Gallagher brought the contest to the ground, showing Carrillo how he and Gulak operate. Gulak and Gallagher continued to mentor Carrillo at Gran Metalik’s expense. However, as Gulak attacked Lince Dorado and Kalisto while continuing to dish out punishment to The King of the Ropes, Carrillo didn’t seem fully impressed with the tactics. Finding the opportunity for a reprieve, Metalik took down Gulak and Gallagher and tagged in Kalisto, who made quick work of Carrillo before all three members of The Lucha House Party took down Gulak and Gallagher with a jaw-dropping triple dive to the outside.

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion ascended the ropes, ready to drop in on Carrillo before being countered. Following a struggle on the top rope, a flurry of action resulted in all six Superstars being laid out and struggling to recover. Carrillo and Kalisto were still the legal competitors, and Carrillo saw the opportunity to execute a high-flying maneuver on Kalisto. As the Mexican Superstar ascended the ropes, however, Gulak interjected, telling Carrillo to come down. With Carrillo and Gulak arguing, Kalisto seized the opportunity to execute the Salida del Sol while simultaneously kicking Gulak off the ring apron before pinning Carrillo for the victory.

My Take: 3 out of 5 – This was a lot of fun, but it never quite got past the first gear on the stick shift, if you catch my drift. This had plenty of aerial moves to stuff an elephant with, but I’d wager that you wouldn’t be able to discern this match from any other spot-fest out there if you tried. I always appreciate the effort from the aerialists, but I wish they would focus on the intelligence part of wrestling more, so they can preserve their bodies for, you know, the rest of their lives. I liked this just fine, but it needed a bit more substance.

Match #2: (Main Event) Ariya Daivari def. Cedric Alexander

The following is courtesy of wwe.com:

Never one to back down from competition, Cedric Alexander returned to in-ring action just one week after losing in the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals to Tony Nese. Even though a title match on The Grandest Stage of Them All was not in the cards this year, The Soul of WWE 205 Live stared down Ariya Daivari, looking to get back on the winning track. However, before the match began, Oney Lorcan – who battled Alexander in the tournament – made his way to the ring and observed the match from ringside. Lorcan’s presence perplexed Alexander, and he appeared uneasy during early exchanges with Daivari. As the former Cruiserweight Champion got the upper hand, Lorcan remained focused on him, a fact that Alexander could not ignore. Daivari was aware of the tension between Alexander and Lorcan, and he unleashed a series of brutal strikes to leave Alexander reeling. However, the ever-resilient Alexander fed off the energy of the WWE Universe and battled back to nearly score a pinfall following a Flatliner.

Alexander tried to continue a fast pace, but Daivari knocked him off the top rope and secured a near-fall of his own. As both Superstars showed wear and tear, they exchanged strikes in the center of the ring, once again resulting in a near-fall for Alexander. Daivari nearly scored victory with a Persian Lion Splash, but The Soul of WWE Live remained resilient and continued to fight. After dumping Daivari to the outside, Alexander followed up with a high-risk move that brought the WWE Universe and Oney Lorcan to their feet. After regaining his footing, Alexander stepped on Lorcan’s jacket, enraging the NXT Superstar. Confused, Alexander was distracted as he re-entered the ring, and Daivari capitalized by rolling him up for a shocking victory. After the match, Lorcan attacked Alexander, and the two Superstars engaged in an all-out brawl before being separated by WWE officials.

My Take: 3.5 out of 5 – This was an excellent main event that came together well enough when it needed to most and made for a fine end to the card. Ariya really dominated the match and was, some small way, a force of nature. It’s a shame that the match was just there to set up an Oney Lorcan feud for Cedric, but at least the match had lots of strong wrestling in it. Overall, this was really good and I think you might just agree with me.

News Of The Night:

  1. Oney Lorcan has joined the Cruiserweight division.
  2. Mike Kanellis will fight Akira Tozawa, next week.
  3. Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese got into a brawl at the Performance Center.

Final Verdict: 3/5

While the wrestling was good, this show felt like a place-holder for some-thing a bit more exciting that never made its way to town.


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