13th Mar2019

WWE Smackdown Live – March 12th 2019: Results & Review

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Smackdown Live review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and Disney might have actually made up the box office results for Captain Marvel. I know, it’s ridiculous to think about either way, but Brie Larson might actually be a jerk too. I’m so tired of Disney creating controversy just to sell movie tickets. Is Eric Bischoff running Marvel now? Anyway, tonight is the night where we find out if Kofi Kingston get a WWE World Title shot a Wrestlemania.

Match #1: The Hardy Boyz & Aleister Black & Ricochet vs. The Bar & Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev

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An absolute aerial dream team squared off against a squadron of brutes as The Hardy Boyz, Aleister Black and Ricochet took on The Bar, Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev on SmackDown LIVE. With all four teams wanting to fight their way to an eventual SmackDown Tag Team Championship opportunity, the competition was fierce from the bell. However, in the heat of the action, The New Day ran down and attacked The Bar, Nakamura and Rusev in retaliation after the foursome dropped them on Sunday at WWE Fastlane. The New Day stood tall, but their night was far from over, as they would have to return later to hear Mr. McMahon’s verdict on Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship aspirations.

My Take: 2.5 out of 5 – This was a solid match that had some potential, but it got bound to a rock just so they could do another false finish.

Match #2: Asuka def. Sonya Deville

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After miscommunication between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville cost The Golden Goddess a chance to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship this past Sunday at WWE Fastlane, Deville looked to avenge her Fire & Desire teammate by taking on Asuka on SmackDown LIVE. Deville did her best to withstand Asuka’s punishing attack, and she held her own against the champion. However, Deville’s chances of pulling an upset turned south when Mandy and Sonya tripped one another up, leading to Asuka getting Sonya in the Asuka Lock for the submission victory. For the second match in a row, Fire & Desire paid dearly for miscommunication, and both members were left wondering if they were really accidents at all.

My Take: 2 out of 5 – This was pretty much just an excuse for Asuka to submit Sonya in a couple minutes worth of fighting. Sonya did fine, but this was still just a showcase for Asuka, which is appropriate. Overall, this was about what you’d expect from a two minute match.

Match #3: Rey Mysterio & R-Truth def. Samoa Joe & Andrade

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After a dominant performance in a high-octane Fatal 4-Way Match this past Sunday at WWE Fastlane, United States Champion Samoa Joe teamed up with Andrade to square off against Rey Mysterio & R-Truth. The two makeshift tag teams put on yet another jaw-dropping matchup, as they’ve been doing together over the past several weeks. In the clutch, Samoa Joe looked to have the upper hand on Mysterio, but The Greatest Mask of All Time swiftly caught The Samoan Submission Machine with a rollup for the surprise victory. The defeat seemingly pushed Joe over the edge, prompting him to drop Truth and Andrade after the match concluded.

My Take: 2.5 out of 5 – This was another nice match between these guys. There has been a nice amount of quality wrestling from these four for the past few weeks and I hope that they get to carry this on until Wrestlemania.

Match #4: (Main Event) Daniel Bryan & Rowan def. Kevin Owens & Mustafa Ali

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After Daniel Bryan retained his WWE Championship in an edge-of-your-seat thriller against Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali in a Triple Threat Match at WWE Fastlane, The Planet’s Champion teamed up with his intellectual peer, Rowan, to take on KO & Ali in tag team action on SmackDown LIVE. KO and SmackDown LIVE’s newest sensation came out swinging after each coming so close to capturing the WWE Championship just two nights prior. Bryan and Rowan attempted to withstand their offensive flurry, and when Rowan neutralized KO on the outside, he followed up by dropping Ali with his Iron Claw Slam to pick up a major victory for himself and the WWE Champion.

My Take: 2.5 out of 5 – This was a decent main event that didn’t do much outside of feature some nice holds and locks. This whole thing felt trivial at best.

News Of The Night:

  1. Shane McMahon challenged The Miz to a match at Wrestlemania.
  2. AJ Styles challenged Randy Orton to a match at Wrestlemania.
  3. If Kofi Kingston can win a Gauntlet Match against Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Cesaro, Sheamus and Rowan on next week’s Smackdown, he will get his WWE World Title Match with Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania.
  4. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are still being teased for a split.

Final Verdict: 2/5

A lazy reliance of promos to build toward Wrestlemania made Smackdown feel like amateur hour. This was the little, gray dot on a blank, white canvas of wrestling shows, as Vince just wanted to get a rating without doing any hard work in the booking department. Smackdown has some nice Wrestlemania matches to offer, but Shane/Miz doesn’t seem like one any-one will pay for. I wouldn’t mind being wrong, though. Wait, I’m a white guy so, according to Brie Larson, Smackdown wasn’t made for me to watch, any-way. I’m so tired of that $#!@. If you were to ask Vince why his shows are so terrible, he’d just tell you it’s because you’re not the target audience. What a load of $#!@. The audience should be the people that like wrestling and not any-thing else. You wouldn’t go chasing a dollar off a cliff, would you? The WWE feels like it is about ready to fall off the cliff and I’m still trying to chase it like an idiot. It’s nice that next week’s Smackdown will likely be good, but why couldn’t have this week’s show been good as well?


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