01st Mar2019

Technology has changed the world forever

by James Smith


Digital pioneers transforming society

The nerds of yesterday are the commercial technologists of today, and they are the ones developing technology that leaves a mark on the world. Modern nerds have moved out of their parent’s basement and completely turned their reputation around globally. Thanks to the outstanding success of people like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, geeks around the world has not only gained more confidence and recognition, they have also come to understand that their interest and knowledge can completely transform people’s lives and society itself.

As our digital society has bloomed and technology has become the world’s most innovative sector, it has shifted the whole business world around. Digital pioneers completely transformed the world and no one growing up today could imagine a life without the internet or all the technology that we have available at our fingertips. Today, we need business leaders who understand how technology works in order for modern businesses to move with the time and keep up with this shift.

Now more than ever, there is a market for anyone to innovate and come up with the next digital revolution that has the potential to make it mainstream.

Technology in the stock market

The technology sector has smashed through the roof over the last couple of decades and its growth is not halting anytime soon. It comes as no surprise that industry leading tech companies are amongst the best performing stocks in the last 20 years with Apple, Microsoft and Google’s owner Alphabet leading the way.

Although stocks such as Coca Cola and the parent company of Marlboro have dominated the market historically, we are likely to see this change over the next century due to the global epidemic of lifestyle diseases. Technology is one area we can expect to play a huge part in what will take the lead here on after.

Tech stocks, however, are not limited to consumer goods and information technology. AI technology is on the rise and comes with tremendous business opportunities. Netflix use it to connect us to the content we want and Amazon is using it to predict, based on your recent purchases, what you are likely to buy next. The further AI develops, the more integrated it will become in any type of business model aiming to deliver superior customer experiences. As such, AI stocks are likely to be prosperous as well.

Artificial Intelligence on Wall Street

AI technology has even revolutionized how stocks are traded today. AI machines can scan data at a speed that is humanly impossible and analyze information incomparably to man. Examples include market prices, corporate financial reports as well as news trends and macroeconomic data. Moreover, it can give directions of what trades are best to make.

AI systems can also analyze historical stock data and take information from how the market has looked in the past, even though you can’t always predict future returns based on past performance. The incorporation of AI has raised the level at which we can make informed decisions and smarter trading.

Financial giants across the industry are switching to AI systems more and more which assist them not only to foresee the market but assists them in making better trades. Firms across the world will always be in a race to make trading more profitable and effective, and although AI integration will prove to be irreplaceable, it cannot fully prosper without humans.

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