21st Feb2019

The Last Week In Wrestling #17 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this composited version of The Last Week In Wrestling, where I’m going to take three weeks’ worth of wrestling and do a special edition where we cover a whole lot of wrestling. For this time only, we’ll pick the best of the three weeks for our usual categories. Next week, we’ll be back to normal, but this is a chance to get back on schedule, so let’s do so before Kathleen Kennedy fires me for letting Chewbacca improvise some of his lines.

Best Promo:

Curt Hawkins Redemption (WWE) – Curt cut a fine promo about wanting to become a great champion, starting with Zack Ryder and going from there. The idea is he knows he’s a loser and wants to change all of that. This felt very genuine and when you can tap into some-thing like that, you really have some-thing great to share with people.

Best Move:

Trouble In Paradise (WWE) – Kofi Kingston spent last week re-igniting his career with an incredible gauntlet match that turned him into a singles star all over again. Kofi made tremendous use of the move against Daniel Bryan to make that gauntlet match feel like a happening, which is what eventually happened with the match.

Best Moment:

The Whole $#@!&%? Show Is Back (Impact) – The announcement of Rob Van Dam returning to Impact Wrestling is a great moment. RVD had been stuck out of reach for far too long thanks to some issues with concussions, which has prevented him from returning to the WWE. It will be a great sight to see him fight in front of a global audience once again.

Best Personality:

Paul Heyman (WWE) – The man continues to dominate the promos of professional wrestling and may be the most complex person on wrestling television today.

Best Character:

Becky Lynch (WWE) – This is the broken record thing gone wild, but she is consistently among the best characters in wrestling, so if you read these regularly, then this ought to look familiar.

Best Performance:

Kofi Kingston (WWE) – In the gauntlet match from this past Smackdown, Kofi was beyond incredible and had the best moment of his career up to that point.

Best Wrestler:

Ricochet (WWE) – This guy has been having a really good few weeks and is showing why he is more than ready for the main roster.

Best Card:

Ring Of Honor TV (Ring of Honor) – An episode with Tracy Williams versus David Finlay, Bandido versus Mark Haskins and Silas Young versus Eli Isom was one of the best episodes of ROH TV that has ever been produced. The matches were excellent, but it was the effect of the three together that made this entire episode into some-thing greater than the sum of its parts.

Best Show:

Half-Time Heat (WWE) – This had a fantastic spectacle for its only match, but the show itself was a real winner and felt like it was made with the pure joy of wrestling in mind.

Best League:

Ring Of Honor – The WWE has had more matches with higher ratings than ROH, but the latter promotion has had a renewed sense of focus with the loss of The Elite to their own All Elite Wrestling

Best Match:

Gauntlet Match (WWE) – On Smackdown, Kofi Kingston was the big point of interest in a match that was nothing but great stuff all the way through.

Final Verdict: 4?5

The past three or so weeks had some fantastic wrestling and while there was some crap to sift through, there was a great deal to go on about.


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