17th Dec2018

Alain’s Top 5: Christmas Movies

by Alain Elliott


Although horror is my favourite film genre, it is closely followed by Christmas movies. I love them and will watch almost any type of movie if it’s festive themed – rom-com (yes really!), horror, comedy, sci-fi (there’s not enough of those), animated, anything you can think of! So for Nerdly I thought I’d write up about five of my favourite Christmas movies that you might not have heard of.

The Family Man

This starts off my festive viewing every year. It’s actually one of my favourite Nicolas Cage movies, we get a tiny bit of crazy Cage but for the most part he plays things pretty straight. This is part Christmas Carol part Sliding Doors, as we see Cage’s character wake up one Christmas Day morning in a different life where he wakes up to the woman he left in his early twenties. Now they are happily married with two children and it takes him away from the job and life he was living. There’s a great cast – Cage, Tea Leoni, Jeremy Piven and Don Cheadle – and it will have you smiling from ear to ear,while maybe even bringing a tear to your eye.

A Christmas Story

I’m assuming that mainly British people will be reading this because I believe this movie is very popular in America and I wish it was more well known here. Maybe it’s because the main story is about a child desperately hoping to receive a (toy) gun from Santa but thats no reason to not watch this. Directed by Bob Clark (Black Christmas) this is an original and cleverly written movie. It has some slightly odd comedy but you’ll be laughing throughout from ridiculous winter outfits to an even more ridiculous lamp, this is a whole lot of Christmas fun!

The Christmas Shoes

This is a prime example of a movie I would more than likely hate if it wasn’t for the Christmas-theme. That said, I do enjoy this film much more than I probably should. It is super (and I mean super) cheesy but it’s just really hard not to like. A kid needs to save and make as much money as he can over the Christmas period so he can buy a pair of shoes for his dying mum. Rob Lowe leads the cast and he’s as likeable as ever, while the rest of the main cast are really enjoyable to. Your smile and cry in equal measures.

All I Want For Christmas

A near perfect family festive movie. Two siblings, played by Thora Birch and Ethan Randall, plot a plan to get their recently split parents back together on Christmas Eve. It’s well written and very well performed, especially Birch and Randall, whose characters could easily have become annoying but instead remain sweet and likeable as brother and sister. Comedy legend Leslie Nielsen even pops up as Santa. This really is THE film to seat down with brothers, sisters, mum and dad, aunts and uncles, grandparents – all the family, on Christmas Eve.

Get Santa

One of the more recent Christmas films from the U.K. and one of the best. Directed by Christoper Smith (who has primarily directed horror movies part from this) proves he has much more in his arsenal. Featuring a star-studded cast – Rafe Spall, Stephen Graham, Jodie Whittaker, Warwick Davis and Jim Broadbent – all putting in good shifts as a father, recently released from jail has to break the law again to save Christmas. The silly parts of the script (Santa ends up in Prison) don’t seem half as silly when you’re enjoying the film so much. A bit of a modern family Christmas movie classic that I hope will pick up more of a following each year.

I could happily write-up about a whole bunch of more Christmas films but until then, go and check out the ones above!


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