11th Dec2018

Outfit Ideas Inspired by Your Favourite Film Characters

by James Smith

Films can touch their audience in many different ways. Some make us laugh. Some make us cry; and others give us ideas on what we’ll choose to wear at the weekend. From Gordon Gekko to Dickie Greenleaf, these are the characters that have (sartorially) inspired us the most.

Gordon Gekko (Wall Street)


OK, so he’s greedy, brash and unbearable at times, but there’s no denying Mr Gekko was a slick dresser. Follow suit and you’re guaranteed to be the best-dressed in the office. We suggest opting for a contrast collar shirt, pleated trousers, braces and a printed tie.

James Bond


There’s a reason we’ve all dreamed of being Bond at one point or another. Not only is he a hit with the ladies, but his suit collection is to die for. Kit yourself out with a tailored two-piece and make your way to Mayfair to invest in some Savile Row men’s formal shirts.

Terry Malloy (On the Waterfront)


Marlon Brando deservedly won an Oscar for his performance in On the Waterfront, and we’re betting his character would win another for his simple but timeless dress sense (if there was such a thing). Luckily, it’s easy to copy his trademark ensemble. Simply pair your favourite jeans with a borg collar bomber jacket and you’ll be winning you own style awards in no time at all.

Dickie Greenleaf (The Talented Mr. Ripley)


Although we can’t promise you’ll ever pull it off as well as Jude Law, emulating the style of Dickie Greenleaf is pretty straightforward. To start, invest in a short-sleeved shirt, linen trousers and espadrilles — not forgetting to roll up your trousers when heading to the beach.

Thomas Crown (The Thomas Crown Affair)


You’d be hard-pressed to find a better dresser than Mr Thomas Crown. Sure, it helps that he’s played by Steve McQueen, but his wardrobe was as good as any we have seen. To steal his style, think three-piece suits, two-button jackets, roll necks and the odd pocket square for good measure.

Julian (American Gigolo)


From his belted camel overcoat to the slick tailoring, the outfits worn by Richard Gere in American Gigolo single-handedly brought global fame to the now iconic designer Giorgio Armani. Need we say anymore?

George Falconer (A Single Man)


Unfortunately we can’t offer you the help of A Single Man’s director Tom Ford, but we can tell you what garments you need to copy the signature outfit of George Falconer. Turn your attentions to a tailored black suit, white shirt and skinny black tie.

Jim Stark (Rebel Without a Cause)


Jame’s Dean’s outfit in Rebel Without a Cause is perhaps as famous as the film itself — and for good reason. Timeless and effortlessly stylish, it consisted of a white T-shirt, turned up blue jeans and the ever-reliable red Harrington jacket.

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