09th Nov2018

Streamers Connected at MCM Comic Con London 2018

by Xenia Grounds


Who are Streamers Connected? The best way to describe them is they are an international community of streamers. It’s a community that has grown very quickly as it was founded in August 2017 and what they have achieved in over a year is impressive to say the least. Since their launch, their Discord now has over 9000 members. They’ve taken the UK by storm and have drawn a few famous names to their brand. For instance, Veronica Taylor took part in a stream of Mario Kart during the first day of Comic Con.

When Comic Con was in London this year, I spent a lot of time with two people who are very much associated with Streamers Connected. One of them is Twitch streamer Letitia Lemon who has done very well in her short time streaming a variety of PS4 games. Another is Chris Bob who spends a lot of time filming events like Comic Con and he also streams. He is also the one who provided me with the opportunity to meet more of the Streamers Connected team. Sadly, I didn’t get to watch their discussion about streaming in person since I was doing press work while they were on. However, I’ll leave the link to that video and a time stamp for their informative discussion at the end of this article.

I often saw seas of people at the Streamers Connected booth and had the opportunity to go backstage thanks to Chris and Letitia. The Streamers Connected team are people who have worked hard to get where they are now. Additionally, spending time with them, you can see how well they get along and that strong sense of friendship. Whether it was a large role or not, everyone was working as hard as each other and enjoy what they’re doing. There was always someone on the main stage whether it was to livestream Fortnite or have discussions with other streamers. There are members looking over their public play area and others monitoring their social media.


On the second day of Comic Con, I got to meet one of the founders, Josh. I had a small conversation with him about how Comic Con was going and where Streamers Connected would like to go in future:

How’s Comic Con been?

It’s been incredible! The best Comic Con for Streamers Connected so far. We’ve had the Guinness World Records on our booth and they won two world records on our booth. We’ve had the London Spitfires who are the Overwatch World Champions and they were incredible! Yeah, it’s just been really busy.

You had Veronica Taylor on. How was that experience?

It was a childhood dream come true. It was a childhood dream come true. Veronica Taylor is like an idol. I grew up watching Pokemon. I love Pokemon so much. I got the chance to meet her at last year’s London when we were onstage just before her so we spoke to her for two or three minutes. To see how welcoming and nice she is, it was brilliant.

Streaming gets a lot of buzz on Twitch and a lot of streamers are famous. Where would you like Streamers Connected to go in future?

2019 will have our first few international events. We’ll be in America and in Europe. I don’t really know where to go from here. We’re one of the largest Discords in the world. We’ve got the biggest booth at Comic Con. Definitely the next step is international events and international exposure.

If people wanted to follow Streamers Connected; how could they find you?

It’s @STRECONN on Twitter and then our Discord is discord.gg/streamersconnected.

If there’s one parting thought I can share: With all they achieved in a short time, it’s pretty likely that Streamers Connected will continue to grow their community and do the things they enjoy for a long while.



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