30th Oct2018

Interview: Painter Vincent Kamp on “5 Great British Crime Films”

by Stuart Wright

In his latest podcast/ interview, host Stuart Wright talks 5 Great British Crime Films with painter Vincent Kamp. Kamp’s new exhibition of oil paintings is called The Long Game and is hugely influenced by noir cinema. It opens Thursday 8th November.

Vincent’s mesmerising oil paintings evoke emotion, fascination and intrigue about both the backstory and the future of a character. He seeks out moments of tension, and explains: “My paintings are all quite dark, subtle and intense. I’m always imagining there’s something surreptitious going on in a perfectly innocent situation.” He is heavily influenced by cinematography and its impact on storytelling, believing that by manipulating the composition, light and colour you can completely change the feel of scene.

Full details are on the Clarendon Fine Art website.



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