26th Aug2018

WWE Week in Review (20/8/18 – 26/8/18)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this edition of the WWE Week In Review. I’m Nathan Favel and we have the most competitive race for Best Match that we’ve had yet. Speaking of the Best Match category, we will start looking at the top ten matches each week, from now on. All right… got your popcorn? Do you have your seatbelt buckled? Did you get your tongue back from the cat? What about the goldfish? Is the refrigerator home yet? Why’d you hit that woman? Is it because she was a man, baby? Well… STOP IT!!! Lawsuits are a bad way to kill time. Anyway, Big Boy never left, has always delivered quality meals at competitive prices and let’s start the WWE Week In Review.

Worst Promo Of The Week:

Elias had his worst concert yet. The idea was that he broke his guitar by accident and left in a huff. That’s it.

Best Promo Of The Week:

There were a lot of good promos this week, but the best was with Becky Lynch on Smackdown. Lynch tried to complete her heel turn, but she just made herself more of a hero to the people.

Worst Moment Of The Week:

The tag team champions, The B Team, were involved in two of the dullest singles matches of the year. Occurring within a few minutes of each other, this block of television was agonizing to watch.

Best Moment Of The Week:

The Shield reformed to take down Braun Strowman. Roman actually got praised during this.

Worst Trend Of The Week:

Strange finishes for matches at Summerslam, like Daniel Bryan versus The Miz or Shinsuke Nakamura versus Jeff Hardy, to but a few, hindered Summerslam from being a resounding success.

Best Trend Of The Week:

A week of great matches is always the best trend to have and that is what we had with this past week. The matches are so good that we have switched to having a Top Ten list for the best matches of the week just to be fair to how many great ones there were.

Worst Wrestler Of The Week:

I hate to say it, but Dean Ambrose was the worst wrestler of the week. Not only did he look awkward in the ring, but he was far too slow in even the most rudimentary holds and locks. I don’t think this a problem that will last too long, but it is the case, this week.

Best Wrestler Of The Week:

Ricochet was on another level with his match against Adam Cole at NXT: Takeover. If Ricochet makes it to the main roster, then I would think you’d have a hard time not doing some-thing of value with him.

Worst Match Of The Week:

Dash Wilder versus Curtis Axel was pretty dull for a match that had two very talented athletes involved.

Best Match Of The Week:

10. Lince Dorado and Gran Metallik versus Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy: 205 Live
9. The New Day versus The Bludgeon Brothers – No Disqualification Match For The Smackdown Tag Team Titles
8. Seth Rollins versus Dolph Ziggler – Intercontinental Title Match: Summerslam
7. Pete Dunne versus Zack Gibson – WWE United Kingdom Title Match: NXT
6. Roman Reigns versus Finn Balor – WWE Universal Title Match: Raw
5. Moustache Mountain versus Undisputed ERA – NXT World Tag Team Titles Match: NXT-Takeover
4. Shayna Baszler versus Kairi Sane – NXT Women’s Title Match: NXT-Takeover
3. AJ Styles versus Samoa Joe – WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Summerslam
2. Tommaso Ciampa versus Johnny Gargano – Last Man Standing Match For The NXT World Title
1. Adam Cole versus Ricochet – NXT North American Title Match: NXT-Takeover

After a lot of deliberation, this match was the one I felt like was the best of the week. These two guys had the kind of match that is hard to have in the WWE and that match is one of exuberance. I’m every-one else when I say that this was great and in more ways then one.

Worst Show Of The Week:

Smackdown was the worst of the pack. Promos have become too prevalent on Smackdown, so much so that they’re actually cutting down on the matches just to make room for them.

Best Show Of The Week:

NXT: Takeover was easily the best show of the week. This card may be the best card of the year for the WWE and it’s because it was simple and exciting. Nothing beats having a lot of great matches on a professional wrestling card.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5 – Having so many great matches and promoting what could very well be the best WWE card of the year in NXT: Takeover has made this one of the best weeks in the WWE in a long time.


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