19th Aug2018

WWE Week in Review (8/13/18 – 19/8/18)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this edition of the WWE Week In Review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have an odd week to cover, one that disappointed more than it should have, but still had its successes. I also want to thank Phil for filling in for me on Monday’s Raw. My absence is not something that will happen often, so if you hate the way I write then you’re probably going to be miserable for a long while. I hope that sentence didn’t come across as negative, but I can’t imagine that every person that reads my writing thinks I’m great. Also, we are going to add a few more categories to the review, including “Best Show”. Any-way, The Prince of tides was a good movie and it’s time to start our review of this week in the WWE.

Worst Promo Of The Week:

Phil brought up Elias not being able to cut a promo without stumbling over his words. It’s hard to support a guy whose primary job is to talk when he has such difficulty doing that. I like Elias, but his singing segments, warts and all, are really starting to wear out their welcome. I feel bad for Elias, because he seems like a hard worker, but what is giving him success may be poised to hurt his career if he can’t work out the kinks in time.

Best Promo Of The Week:

Dolph Ziggler went to town on any-one who has critiqued his career in the final moments of Raw. Dolph probably got a lot of mixed emotions out in this one. It must be said, that he has really hit his stride in the past few months and Dolph Ziggler may have been able to finally prove his point to Vince. Hopefully, Vince McMahon will choose to give Dolph Ziggler the chance that he has rightfully deserved for a long time.

Worst Moment Of The Week:

Bobby Lashley’s “match” with the jobber was a lousy instance that accomplished nothing. It’s remarkable to consider that Lashley was thought to possibly be the contender to Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title at Summerslam, yet he has nothing of note now to work with for even a decent feud. Lashley is stuck in the pit that is caused by having a feud with Elias, who has become a black hole for any-one he works with. Lashley and Elias deserve so much than the garbage they have been conned into doing lately.

Best Moment Of The Week:

Dean Ambrose returned to a massive reaction when he came to support Seth Rollins. As Phil put it, Dean looked like a wrecking machine. Maybe I’ll see if that sticks… wrecking machine… if not… Cream Puff Magee.

Worst Trend Of The Week:

Numerous short, dull matches plagued Raw and Smackdown and marginalized the build to what should be an excellent Summerslam.

Best Trend Of The Week:

The Cruiserweights ruled the roost this week. 205 Live and the Roderick Strong/Tyler Bates main event on NXT saved the WWE from having one lousy run of shows before the second biggest one of the year, Summerslam.

Worst Wrestler Of The Week:

Jinder Mahal – I feel bad for him. Jinder seems to be a good man with a passion for his profession, but he just can’t get the wrestling part of his job right. Mahal does seem to try, but it always seems to be to no avail. I hope Jinder gets his stuff together, because a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion should never have to prove that they can wrestle, nor have to deal with the humiliation of possibly not being able to do so.

Best Wrestler Of The Week:

Dolph Ziggler may actually have the most momentum for his match out of any-one for Summerslam, despite not getting to wrestle on Raw.

Worst Match Of The Week:

Bobby Lashley versus the jobber – Raw

Best Match Of The Week:

5. Sasha Banks versus Ruby Riott – Raw
4. Jeff Hardy versus Shelton Benjamin – Smackdown
3. Cedric Alexander versus Jack Gallagher – 205 Live
2. Lio Rush versus Akira Tozawa – 205 Live
1. Roderick Strong versus Tyler Bate – NXT

These two had a great match that did more for me then most of what happened in the WWE this week. It’s a shame these guys are stuck in limbo in the WWE, because these guys are capable of so much more than just being a random singles match.

Worst Show Of The Week:

Raw was terrible, with only Dean’s return and Dolph’s promo to give this card some oomph. Nothing about the Summerslam build felt immediate or exciting outside of the smaller moments like Dolph’s promo or Dean’s return. The Brock/Roman brawl was good, but the goal just leads to another match between two people that can’t draw together right now. Raw needs a shot in the arm and fast.

Best Show Of The Week:

205 Live had great action all night and had the jive necessary to make the medicine go down. That’s right, we’re doing Mary Poppins jokes now. Ain’t no goin’ back now, damn it! 205 has some good stuff going on and feels like a real league now, rather than just Vince’s second missed shot at Eric Bischoff’s prior glory.

Final Verdict: 2.5 out of 5 – That’s right, we’re gonna start rating the WWE cards, because it’s cool to do math! The great cruiserweight wrestling and Dolph Ziggler’s promo, combined with the return of Dean Ambrose helped save this week from being a disaster.

Thanks for reading and next week, the NXT: Takeover and Summerslam cards will be included in the review in every way possible.


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