18th Aug2018

‘Minit’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Britt Roberts


Minit is a high-concept game wherein the gimmick is that your character dies after sixty seconds, respawning you in the nearest home (of which there are several). This neat and simple idea adds a level of panic and speed to the game that successfully separates it out from the pack and makes its running time (a couple of hours at most) an enjoyable and quite unique experience.

The visuals and audio in the game is basic by design, presented in a pixelated monochrome, the graphics still manage to convey the various locations that you visit during your quest in a clean way, replete with little touches that clearly mark the locales as separate places with different things to do and so I was never lost as I legged it around the game world (the game uses a four-way screen-flip for area transitions).

Upon picking up the cursed sword that kicks off the quest, a time will appear in the top left corner of the screen which will continually count down from 60 to 0, kill you and then reset. You can pick up extra hearts for more health, you can find shortcuts to make your journey easier and you can find different homes to respawn in but mark my words…you cannot alter that counter!

Exploration is absolutely key in Minit and as you peg it around, talking to all the different quirky characters (one part where you have to listen to a SLOOOOOW-talking turtle really tickled me as I wondered if he would ever reach his point before I died… he didn’t) and collecting items that give access to different areas, I found myself completely absorbed in my small-portioned but perfectly formed adventure.

Minit also has a real sense of humour and character. The items that you collect and the conversations and quests are all delivered with tongue firmly in cheek, there are also side missions to complete and secret areas to discover. If the game didn’t have the sixty-second gimmick, would it still be as fun? I think it would definitely lose some charm, as the constant panic of trying to progress against the clock definitely adds a level of challenge and tension that works in its favour. The audio is perfectly in keeping with the visual presentation and at a length of a couple of hours; the game doesn’t outstay its welcome or push the gimmick too far, feeling just the right length before tedium has a chance to kick in. For the completionists out there, there is the opportunity to replay the game, discovering all the hidden parts (there’s a room in the game that tells you everything yet to do in the game, including the extras) and it is also a title perfect for speed-run lovers, if that’s your thang.

In summary, Minit does the job of having a high-concept which is delivered perfectly. I’m not sure how many of these games I’d like to play, but like Curse of the Arrow, it’s a simple premise with all the narrative and puzzles built around it, creating a wicked little title that should appeal to quite a range of players due to its simplistic approach as well as being a game that you can dip into for a few minutes at a time, or just smash through in one go…so get that stopwatch ready and dive into the wonderful world of Minit.

It just saddens me that our hero will never be able to enjoy a Rustler’s microwave burger, that bad boy needs to be in for 70 seconds to really be appreciated, it breaks my heart.

Minit is available on the Nintendo eShop now.


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