03rd Aug2018

‘Lucha Underground’ Review (August 1st 2018)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and I’m proud to bring you more from Jim Cornette’s favorite wrestling league.

Match #1: Daga w/ Kobra Moon beat PJ Black

This was an excellent match, with a focus on technical prowess ahead of aimless stunts. Black is just getting better and better all the time. Black always puts a great emphasis on his moves and how much damage they appear to do to his opponent. I’ve always heard that Black was a very nice man and he certainly wrestles like one, despite the new sense of aggression he has adopted for this Worldwide Underground faction. PJ Black may be one of the most generous wrestlers in the ring today and we need more like him. Daga got a lot in here and came across like a devious mind in this match, one who can change his offense at the drop of a dime. This match had a different feel than most of the Lucha Underground bouts, which is probably because it had psychology. Hopefully, this match is the start of a trend in this wrestling league.

Match #2: The Mack, Killshot and Son of Havoc beat The Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, Mala and Saltador) – Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Title Match

This was an excellent title defense that had a brisk pace. These two teams knocked the hell out of each other like they were the Bad News Bears playing all of Major League Baseball’s steroid abusers just before they were caught. I don’t know if you can kick a field goal with a man’s head, but these guys were trying to give it a go, any-way. If Ozzy Osbourne could puke a wrestling match out of his mouth, this is what that puke would look like. Good God, I’m losing my groove tonight. Ozzy puking… what the hell am I talking about? Christian Slater looks like a dork. That little dweeb can go gleam the cube outta my ass. What the hell was I talking about? Did you know John Smith was a pedophile? Smith wanted to screw Pocahontas when she was 11… 11! I mean… she had school in the morning! Oh, now I remember. As far as trios matches go, this was one of the better of its kind from Lucha Underground, as this was a brutal fight that didn’t go too far over the line for what could be considered believable, considering that the Rabbit Tribe was involved. It’s leader, Paul London, has had a pretty rough road in his wrestling career, as he became one of Vince McMahon’s victims in his quest to take all of the fun out of wrestling, which is similar to what the Boy Scouts have been trying to do itself since 2004 (no skits, no smiling, no fun… and no gays… until now!). I’m curious if London’s involvement in this angle with the Rabbit Tribe is a bit of a play off of his state of mind about wrestling after leaving the WWE in 2008. Any-way, this was a fine match that got me to talk about the Canadian pledge of allegiance.

Match #3: Main Event – Cage and King Cuerno beat Pentagon Dark – Handicap Match

For some reason, Pentagon Dark chose to forgo his tag team partner in favor of fighting the good fight by himself… because he’s an idiot. Actually, the idea here was that Pentagon is too proud to admit when he needs help, as well as that he’s becoming too content as a champion. Cage and Cuerno ripped Pentagon to pieces second by second, even though the champion looked primed to defy the laws of physics, or at least do his Triple H impression. I’m glad that the champion lost, because when you have two men lose to one, you create the notion that beating people is easy. Why should Pentagon sweat defending his title when can defeat two people at the same time? I remember when Triple H beat Cade and Murdoch, who were the WWE World Tag Team Champions at the time, lost a squash to Triple H, who then destroyed the champion’s challengers, London and Kendrick, just because they were there to help him fight off the angry champions. The fact that such a thing happened just to satiate Triple H’s ego was horrible and it really buried the entire division after that. If Jim Cornette were to give any compliment to Lucha Underground, it would have to be that they protect the right people and don’t bury any-one… unless they plan on killing them. Over-all, this was a nice match to end the night. The main event also gave Cage his necessary fall over the champion, Pentagon Dark.

News of the Night:

  1. Worldwide Underground will fight The Reptile Tribe in an eight-fighter tag team match, next week.
  2. El Dragon Azteca Jr. will challenge for the Lucha Underground World Title at Ultima Lucha 4.
  3. Johnny Mundo and Taya snuck into the lair of the Reptile Tribe and chopped off Vibora’s head ahead of their tag match, next week. I wonder if Alex Riley ever thought about doing that to John Cena? Actually, why don’t wrestlers do that more often? If a boxer just shoots his opponent to death, does it count as a knockout?

Final Verdict: This was an excellent episode of Lucha Underground that had a really wild ending.


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