27th Jul2018

‘Lucha Underground’ Review (July 25th 2018)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and the Temple is calling… and it wants to know if you wanna take a survey.

Match #1: Jake Strong beat Sammy Guevara

This was a quick one that gave Strong the chance to dominate and get over as a wrestling machine. Strong is finally getting to do what he should have been doing in the WWE when he was Jack Swagger, but Vince would not allow it. Strong’s ankle lock is fantastic and could even rival Kurt Angle’s at this point. Sammy was great here, making a horrifying flip off the balcony onto Strong in true luchador style. Sammy may have hurt his ankle, but since it played into the finish, it may have well been part of the plan. Over-all, this was a fun way to start the show.

Match #2: Matanza Cueto beat Vinnie Massaro

I’ll always remember this as the match where Jeff Cobb put on a luchador mask out of the Kane Hodder School of Fashion, destroyed a man who hates pineapple pizza and pummeled the pizza guy who brought the pie to him when he tried to rob Vinnie when he was knocked-out. Yeah, it was one of those sorts of matches. Vince would have probably creamed his corn if he ever saw this.

Match #3: Dezmond X, El Dragon Azteca Jr. & King Cuerno beat Ivelisse, Son of Havoc & The Mack – Trios Match

The idea here was that Antonio Cueto pulled a Vince McMahon and changed the main event again, making the Gift of the Gods into a triple threat match. The trios match would decide which three made it to that main event. There was lots of action, all of which was typical of Lucha Underground. The match was a lot of spots and not as much coherency as I would like, but every-thing was crisp and exciting, which did get the job done. I’d say the more interesting team won, at least from a wrestling perspective.

Match #4: Main Event – El Dragon Azteca Jr. beat Dezmond X and King Cuerno – Gift of the Gods Championship Match

This was a lucha libre spot-fest that gave Dezmond X his big break-through. X was the star here, with his every move as some-thing of a possible protest to Randy Orton’s “Dive” controversy. X was like Tarzan and Spider-Man at the same time, using every surface and object as some-thing to leap from or with. Azteca may have been the winner, likely to replicate the appeal of Rey Mysterio or Prince Puma, since I don’t think most would have booked him to win this… except me and about a million other people. Cuerno was great here and felt like a real star, but both he and Azteca were nullified by X’s sheer physical exuberance. Over-all, this was a thrilling joy ride through Adrenaline Drive that… this analogy sucks. Match good… watch soon you… fun fun!

News of the Night:

  1. Mariposa told her brother Marty the Moth it is his destiny to win the Lucha Underground Title.

Final Verdict: This was a good night of action that gave a worthy luchador a shot at being a big star. The important people felt just as such and the focus is still on the Lucha Underground Title. You hear that Vince? People like the strap! Respect the strap! Strap, strap, strap ,strap ,strap!


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