26th Jul2018

‘The Bridge: The Complete Season Four’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


When it comes to The Bridge, the relationship between Saga (Sofia Helin) and Henrick (Thure Lindhardt) is everything. This is why in the fourth season, with the focus being less on the police procedure and more on the emotion works so well.

Two years later than the events of the last season, the brutal murder of a woman is investigated by Saga and Henrick. With Saga only recently being released from jail the repercussions of her mother’s death still have a high impact on her, which Henrick may finally find the truth about his family’s disappearance.

The beauty of the Saga character is that she is almost robotic in the way she is played by Sofia Helin. She has an almost android like quality about her where she is trying to understand how to be human and is constantly learning. The truth is of course that she is very much human but is unable to cope with how she feels.

We see this in season four in the way that she shows her love of Henrick but constantly fights against it. Her fight to help find the secret behind his family’s death is her devotion to him, and the fact that it comes to fruition creates huge emotional impact not only for Henrick but for the audience who are invested in their story. The outcome of that storyline also brings the big finale for the server too of course, which is something that you can see coming. This doesn’t weaken the story though but intensifies the impending doom.

In some ways, the actual mystery that needs to be solved in this season of The Bridge, feels slightly weaker than the emotional storyline that has been given focus. The fact that the case becomes so personal to Henrick too should not really be a surprise. In fact, if it wasn’t then it would be arguable that this would have weakened the season. Season four is all about Henrick’s history coming back to haunt him in good ways and in bad.

What is impressive about the fourth season of The Bridge is that there is a balance between the happiness and tragedy that leaves the audience emotionally spent. This balance is never wrong, and that is why the show is so good. For me of course, it is all about Sage and the way she copes with her life.

Saga is such a unique character, and Sofia Helin plays her just right. Even in this season when she is finally open up to having a relationship with a man she understands she loves, she still has that inquisitive nature trying to understand how she is meant to act. In the end, she will always be what makes The Bridge special.

The Bridge: The Complete Season Four is easily one of the best Nordic Noir shows, and this season continues to keep to the standard that fans expect. I will say that it is important to see the earlier seasons first, as the ongoing story is strong but this should not put people off watching the show at all. Just make sure you watch the show from the beginning so you can fully explore the story.

***** 5/5

The Bridge: The Complete Season Four  is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.

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