23rd Jul2018

Nerd Buys… What to spend your cash on

by James Smith


Nerds are the group of people considered boring and studious but is it so? Let’s get the basics right nerds are people who are passionate and obsessed with anything that catches their interest. In fact, they are the people who love to get under the skin of the object of their affection and make the most of their guilty pleasures. Yes! They are different from the crowd but isn’t that what everyone is seeking these days? So if you have a hot date to impress or night over with a bunch of goons you call friends; how about enjoy some time watching classics or thriller movies that will give you jitter? There is diverse range of things you can get online including voucher codes at places like vouchecode-uk.com that will make your weekend fun and exciting:

  • DVD/CD: Looking forward to the weekend and planning a date with your mate? But being tight on pocket closing all the options for you? Don’t worry and spice up things by inviting her over for a night out at your place and let the night take charge. Rather than making an elaborate dinner for her bring back the teenage by arranging for a movie date at home. Butter popcorn, nachos, coke and a DVD of your favorite movie. It will set the mood for the night and will make your weekend fun without burning a hole in your pocket. Choose from different genres like romance, thriller, and horror to even soap operas and make the most of your time together.
  • Video Games: I understand that nerds love to play games that make them use their mind and have something different. Get on with your night even if you don’t have a date, with video games available on your favourite console. PS4 enthusiasts can opt for Destiny 2, Overwatch, Horizon: Zero Dawn and much more that will make your adrenaline rise.
  • Toys and Games: Are you planning to get a toy for your kid or is there a kid’s birthday party you have to attend? These days there are many toys and games available online that will keep the kids engrossed, and they will learn many tricks from these games. It includes electronic toys, jigsaw puzzles, building or construction related toys, bikes and dolls, musical toys, money banks, calendar and much more in a reasonable range.
  • Wallets: Teach your kid importance of money from an early age and make them save some amount of their pocket money. Gifting them a wallet on their birthday is a subtle way to teach them how to handle their cash, how to count, spend and save their pocket money. It will give them a sense of responsibility, and at the time of need, they can spend if you are not around. These days there is special range of wallets for kids in different colors and designs including cartoon prints, watch and wallet set, custom-made wallet for girls with princess or doll prints, bags and many such accessories that makes a perfect birthday present.

Apart from these, you can also buy many board games that will stimulate their mind and make them create strategies to solve puzzles. This will not only entertain them or keep them busy but will also help them to apply mathematical concepts and even increase their general knowledge. So don’t hesitate if you are a nerd there is a whole wide world waiting to be unleashed.

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