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‘MLW: Fusion’ Wrestling Review (July 20th 2018)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Major League Wrestling: Fusion review, right here on Nerdly. This week, we have a major World Title match with the champion, Shane Strickland, fighting the challenger, Low Ki. I’m Nathan Favel and we have lots of great action tonight! I almost sounded like I knew what I was doing… almost.

Match #1: Kiki Roberts vs Kahuna Khan – Prospect Match

The following is courtesy of MLW.com:

Kodokushi Death Squad Wreaks Havoc. In our opening bout, Kiki Roberts was set to face off with Kahuna Khan in a prospect match… until both men saw red. Su Yung and Zeda Zhang – the Kodokushi Death Squad unleashed violence on both prospects just after the bell. Su Yung and Zeda absolutely decimated Roberts and Khan. Yung took Khan out with a kendo stick and Zeda mauled at Roberts’ eyes. What are these two vicious women doing in Major League Wrestling? What do they want? What does it mean for the women’s division? Hopefully, we’ll have more answers in the coming weeks.

My Take: I always hate seeing a match never start, but at least we got to see Yung and Zhang push the inter-gender concept further with their attack.

Match #2: Jimmy Havoc beat “Filthy” Tom Lawlor – Hardcore Match

The following is courtesy of MLW.com:

Jimmy Havoc has waited 2 months to get his hands on “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and when he finally did it was a crazy and dangerous collision. Lawlor, shockingly showed a different dimension to his fight game, hanging with “England’s Most Dangerous Man” in a bloody and brutal encounter. Team Filthy had the clear numbers advantage, but Lawlor wanted to do this one on his own, sending Team Filthy back to the locker room. Within the first 30 seconds of the match, things had already spilled onto the floor, as Havoc hit a suicide dive on Lawlor and slammed his head into chairs in the MLW crowd. Just a couple minutes later, Havoc brought out his first two weapons – a large wooden board and a cheese grater.

The cheese grater may have been a mistake. Lawlor was able to get his hands on it and used it to shred Havoc’s forehead. Lawlor even took a taste of Havoc with him, licking the cheese grater after bloodying Havoc with it. Lawlor then rubbed some of Havoc’s blood on his own face, just to drive the point home a bit furher. That’s the kind of grudge these two men were settling. Havoc’s next choice of weapon didn’t work out so well for him either. He found a staple gun and tried to take it to Lawlor. Once again, “Filthy” wrested it away from him and buried a pair of staples into Havoc’s head. He later stapled a piece of paper to Havoc’s face and even allowed a fan in the ringside area to take a turn stapling the Brit. If you’re scoring at home, that’s at least five staples in the head of Havoc.

Havoc was able to turn the tide a bit using the cheese grater on Lawlor’s nether regions. With Lawlor writhing in pain in the ring, Havoc opened brought some steel chairs in the ring. Once again, the weapons worked against Havoc. Lawlor reversed Havoc’s attack and suplexed him onto the steel chairs. Havoc once again gained some momentum. This time the least likely of weapons was useful. He actually used a piece of paper to give Lawlor a nasty paper cut between his fingers. He followed that up with a suplex onto the same steel chairs he landed on moments before. After one more papercut, Havoc squirted lemon juice into the cut and threw on an arm bar.

Havoc then brought a pizza cutter into the ring … and the trend of metal weapons working against him continued. Lawlor staved off having his own head sliced with the pizza cutter, got it in his own hands and sliced Havoc’s arm brutally. Lawlor then dropped Havoc on a few chairs that were laying haphazardly in the ring. But the pain, agony and blood finally seemed to wake up Havoc. Havoc, sensing his arm strength was rapidly diminishing, went for a desperate discus forearm that Lawlor did not see coming, stunning him long enough to put him in position for the Acid Rainmaker. With the way Havoc’s left arm was gushing blood and his British heritage, perhaps this move should have been called the Bloody Acid Rainmaker. No matter the name of the maneuver, it was delivered with aggression, precision and all the strength Havoc had remaining in his body. And it was enough to take Lawlor out for the three-count. Havoc would go on to the hospital begging the question: while Havoc won the match, did Lawlor win the war?

My Take: I don’t usually like it when wrestling leagues have the garbage/weapons of plunder bouts, but this one had a certain charm to it, in addition to Lawlor’s fabulous wrestling abilities. Havoc is good and has potential. Lawlor could afford to take the fall here because his talents give him a certain appeal that losing doesn’t diminish, at least not when the loss is in a major match like this one.

Match #3: Main Event – Low Ki beat Shane Strickland – MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match

The following is courtesy of MLW.com:

For months, World Heavyweight Champion Shane Strickland has had a target on his back. On this week’s episode of MLW: FUSION, The Professional found the target. Low Ki collected the $60,000 bounty placed on Strickland by Promociones Dorado’s Salina de la Renta and he took home the World Heavyweight belt as well. With de la Renta watching at ringside, Low Ki attempted to intimidate the champ, running his mouth from the time Strickland arrived in the ring. When Low Ki finally slapped Swerve, it was on!

Still feeling the effects of Callihan’s attack, Swerve, with a heavily taped right knee, seemed a step slow from the outset. But he nonetheless used his size and strength advantage to gain the advantage early in the match. But Low Ki responded with his quickness and striking ability. Those precise, powerful strikes kept the challenger in control for much of the match. Strickland, seemingly sensing the predicament he was in, started to battle back using any means necessary. He regained an advantage with a massive headbutt that affected both men, but put Low Ki on his knees. The fans seemed to sense it as well, chanting “Whose House? Swerve’s House!” Strickland hit a handstand hurricanrana to the outside, hurting Low Ki. The champion then tossed The Professional back in the ring and ripped off Low Ki’s shirt and tie, standing over him on the turnbuckle hammering him with fists and forearms.

But Low Ki pushed him off the turnbuckle and Strickland’s knee buckled, as a result of the attack from Callihan. Moments later Strickland landed a kick, but it was clear that his damaged knee was an issue. And it really became an issue moments later when he missed with a Swerve Stomp and could barely put any weight on the knee. Low Ki took full advantage. He clubbed Strickland on the back of the head and then put him away with the switchblade kick to the back of the neck to put the champion down for good. Low Ki followed up with a quick cover and a three-count. Low Ki celebrated in the ring with the World Championship belt and a briefcase full of de la Renta’s cash as this week’s show came to a close.

My Take: This was a hell of a match that valued intelligence as much as spectacle. As much as enjoy Shane, Low Ki is a better choice for champion, as he is a more complete package. Low Ki’s allegedly infamous attitude could put a premature end to his title reign if it resurfaces, but I’d like to think that he is over a lot of that. As far as the action was concerned, this match had a lot to offer and was very competitive, to say the least. I’d certainly say that you should go out of your way to watch this match.

News of the Night:

Both pieces of news include recaps from MLW.com:

1. Callihan Stomped Swerve?

Prior to World Heavyweight Championship Shane “Swerve” Strickland’s bout with Low Ki, we learned exactly who was responsible for injuring Swerve last week. Sami Callihan took to social media to post a video that was aired on MLW: FUSION. Callihan claimed to have “created” Strickland and is now vowing to tear him down, saying he cares too much about the fans, who made him believe he’s a bigger star than he is.

My Take: I like this idea. This is a great way to give Shane some-thing important to do after losing the title.

2. Fred gets Filthy?

After a backstage encounter between Fred Yehi and the Stud Stable, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch intervened to get Yehi’s back. After the Stud Stable’s departure, Lawlor handed Yehi and Team Filthy jacket and the trio all shook hands saying they respected Yehi’s grappling. It looks like Team Filthy just gained a member.

My Take: Fred Yehi gets more attention this way, so I like it. Hopefully, Yehi doesn’t get lost in this latest shuffle.

3. Next week is the Battle Riot and it will be a two-hour special presentation. The card will include a Low Ki title defense against John Hennigan (Morrison/Nitro/Impact/Mundo) and the 40-man Battle Riot match.

Final Verdict: This was an awesome episode of Fusion with great wrestling and promising angles/stories that could draw well for the future.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you, next week.


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